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Top 10 Mindset Tips That Spur On Your Success


Is Your Mindset Allowing You To Succeed In Life?

“With a fixed mindset, you believe you are who you are and you cannot change. This creates problems when you’re challenged because anything that appears to be more than you can handle is bound to make you feel hopeless and overwhelmed.”
Travis Bradberry

How much do you want to succeed in life?

That may sound like a facetious question but for most people, finding real success seems to be a pipe dream. You know the drill. You work your tail off to be as successful as possible but when it doesn’t come as fast as you like, you end up scratching your head wondering where you went wrong.

So, what’s stopping you from finding the success you deserve?

From the weekly coaching sessions I have with my clients, I’ve found that a person’s mindset plays a huge role in how far they get in life. The more positive your mindset, the better your chances are at finding the success you crave. It may not appear to be that important from the outside but just imagine how things can spiral out control when you hit a rough spot in life. You’ll understand the power of a positive mindset when you use it to push through your biggest troubles.

Most of the time it’s not about what’s going on with my clients but how they’re facing those challenges. A positive mindset is the difference between getting bogged down in a mire of problems or overcoming your struggles and getting that much closer to finding real success.

What traits are part of a positive mindset?

According to the Positive Psychology Program’s article entitled “What is Positive Mindset and 89 Ways to Achieve a Positive Mental Attitude” they explain the various traits of a positive mindset.

  • Optimism: a willingness to make an effort and take a chance instead of assuming your efforts won’t pay off.
  • Acceptance: acknowledging that things don’t always turn out how you want them to, but learning from your mistakes.
  • Resilience: bouncing back from adversity, disappointment, and failure instead of giving up.
  • Gratitude: actively, continuously appreciating the good things in your life .
  • Consciousness/Mindfulness: dedicating the mind to conscious awareness and enhancing the ability to focus.
  • Integrity: the trait of being honorable, righteous, and straightforward, instead of deceitful and self-serving
  • Courage: strength of character when times get tough while battling through pain
  • Accountability: learning how to be responsible when everything falls on your shoulders

These traits are very important in how you use your mindset to handle life. Without them, you’ll be grabbing for anything you think might help you without possessing the power they hold.

Planning Success With The Right Mindset

“If you start with the mindset that you know nothing, you will learn a lot that nobody knew before.” 
David Maraniss

With every dream of success, there must be a complementary plan. If you desire to have real success, you must understand that it won’t just happen by chance. You need to plan for it.

Jim Rohn, the famous motivational speaker once said, “Our results are only as good as our plan.” I would like to take that one step further by stating, “Our plans are only as good as the goals we set forth.”

If you don’t have the right goal in mind, then all your plans will be worthless. They will only take you are far as your stated goal. Then you have to re-plan for the next goal. The right mindset will help you map out a winning strategy that will be open to every little detail and nuance. This is the type of plan that will lead you to a lasting  success.

Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset

There are two kinds of mindset. Fixed and Growth. In order to be successful, you need to understand how these types of mindsets work. Carol S. Dweck, Ph.D. put together an infographic that highlights the differences between the two and why you should focus on a growth mindset.

Why Some People Succeed and Some Don

From Visually.

Writer Conor Murphy states “A plan allows us to format our dreams into tangible realities that we can easily break down into smaller more manageable chunks.”

This makes it easier to format your mindset into an easy to follow plan. But you must accept the fact that those plans may need to change from time to time and be altered to fit within your own reality. A reality that grows with you as you put the plan into place.

Having big dreams are great and planning them out is a great way to commit to success but be careful, the goal of success and working towards that dream all starts with your mindset. Combine that by working smart then you have a chance to go far in life.

Are you carrying baggage from the past? Are past hurts, mistakes, and failures ruining your plans for success? Are they playing havoc with your mindset? Do they keep you from attaining the type of lasting success you’ve always dreamed of?

What are you doing to move past them and succeed? There are a few things you can do to help release them and give you a chance to feel good about yourself.

Here are five things that can help you overcome the past and move on towards a more positive  mindset that will help you plan out your version of what success looks like to you.

  1. Decide to let it go like a butterfly
  2. Stop being the victim
  3. Stop blaming others
  4. Be forgiving of yourself as well as others
  5. Focus on the present and work on the future

Implementing these five items will help you identify those things that cause you to make bad decisions. Everyone knows you can’t go back and change the past but you can go forward. The only way to rectify your past mistakes is by addressing them and learning from what happened.

Sometimes, plans fall apart for various reasons. It’s then you must ask yourself these 2 questions.

  • Is your success truly achievable?
  • Is your plan viable?

This goes way beyond just believing in your plan. It goes to the heart of what your plan is all about.

Structuring Your Plan For Success

“The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it, and the perseverance to follow it.” 
Kalpana Chawla

In order to make your plan work, the power must come from deep within your soul. That’s right… whether you succeed or fail is really not the true measure of success. You must step up and discover where you are putting your  focus on. Whatever you focus your efforts on that’s where it will take you.

In Geoff Edwards article entitled “How To Structure The Perfect Plan For Your Success” he explains what’s important to making the plan work; “We live in a fast paced world, very much like an express train and what you must decide is when you need to get off that train and spend time on important things, for example, time for reflection, enjoying an amazing sunset etc. This all becomes a balance of urgent versus important, understanding how you feel about constantly being in urgent mode, what it costs you, or alternatively, what it would be like being in a relaxed situation and totally focused. Each of us needs to be aware of the right balance and focus for success.”

Balance is the key word here. Your mind is always going from one thing to another and without balance, your focus fades onto the next shiny object. Focus allows you to learn from your past and putting together a killer plan that works.

Structure is an important part of how to put a plan into effect. How you structure your mindset allows you to set up an easy-to-follow plan that gets results. But, if you don’t have a good foundation then your plan will fail. The same holds true with how you think.

According to Diane L. MacDonald, “To build a good foundation requires understanding your motivation: why the accomplishment is important in the first place. This makes your intentions, your reasons, and the necessary actions clear.”

Are you clear on what you want to accomplish?

Are you clear on how you will get there?

Are you clear on what the finished product will look like?

If you’re looking to get to the next level in life then let me show you how. Book an appointment with me and let me show you what life coaching can do for you.

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