resurrection of Jesus

The Resurrection of Jesus

The Resurrection of Jesus

Here is your Daily Devotional Prayer for December 4, 2016 brought to you by The Plough

“Since you have kept my command to endure patiently, I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come on the whole world to test the inhabitants of the earth. I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown.”

Revelation 3:10–11

Lord our God, strengthen our hearts today through your Word. You are our Father and we are your children, and we want to trust you in every aspect of our lives. Protect us on all our ways, and grant that we may always watch and wait for the coming of your kingdom, for the future of our Lord Jesus Christ. Keep us from becoming confused by present-day events. Help us to remain free, that we may serve you and not be led astray, no matter what happens in the world. Grant us your Holy Spirit in everything, for without your Spirit we can do nothing. Help us, and accept our praise for the many ways you have given us help. Amen.

Daily Commentary: Jesus has promised that He is coming. Though we do not know the time, we must be prepared. That means, we can’t sit around and worry about life. The resurrection of Jesus is what we look forward to and live our lives for.

According to Pastor Sam Storms, in his article entitled, “Kept From The Hour Of Trial” he speaks of our patience in waiting for God and how society looks upon that patience when he writes “Sadly, today, more attention is given to sensational claims of supernatural exploits than to the routine faithfulness of the average Christian. Simple virtues like integrity, endurance in the face of pain and disappointment, persistence in one’s struggle with sin, and love for the brethren aren’t the sort that get written up on the Drudge Report or fill the editorial page of the New York Times.”

This is how we can be sidetracked in our faith. It’s the virtues that bring out our faith which are important to God. The story of the resurrection is the story of the greatest love of all… God’s love for us!

It is spiritual protection we are looking for while we wait for Christ as we are prone to sinfulness in a world that embraces the sinner and repudiates the Christian belief system. Proof of the resurrection of Jesus is not some debatable concept but a living and breathing promise that is real.

Christians have been given the keys to heaven but we must have faith and then put that faith into action. We are not strong enough on our own that is why we have been given the Holy Spirit to help us.

Pastor Storms finishes by stating, “We must never forget that it is precisely in remaining faithful unto death that our greatest victory is achieved.”  That victory is Jesus conquering death and bringing us to heaven.

Are you ready for the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

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