Finding True Happiness In Life Part 3

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Finding True Happiness Starts In The Mind

“Happiness blooms naturally in the hearts of those who are inwardly free. It flows spontaneously, like a mountain spring after April showers, in minds that are contented with simple living.”
Paramhansa Yogananda

Where is the first place you think of when trying to find happiness in your life?

For most people, it starts with their possessions. Let’s be real here. Most people worry too much about what they have or don’t have that they forget where true happiness begins and ends.

According to Buddhist nun, Gen Kelsang Nyema, we need to open our hearts and minds and look deep inside for happiness. Happiness lies within our own hearts and minds. She has a beautifully simple way about her that is incredibly peaceful and we can learn so much from her passion for happiness.

Happiness Is All In Your Mind: Gen Kelsang Nyema

She starts by asking 2 questions.

They are:
1- Are you having a good day?
2- Why are you having a good day and if you are not, why?

Everything in life is depended on those two questions and how we respond. If we are negative and drawn in by the negative aspects of life then we will not have a good day will we. No matter how hard we try, outside and external influences will rob us of our happiness.

This is why we need to look deep within for the happiness that God has put there. In fact, it really isn’t happiness at all… it is known as joy, pure joy. Joy is that which fills your soul with happiness no matter what happens in life. It is the manifestation of unconditional love that dwells in our hearts and minds and motivates us to seek out those things which brings us pleasure.

We seek happiness because we seek love. Love is happiness and when we find that love, it is manifested in our actions and the happiness from the inside is brought forth to others through our actions.

On the other hand, if you truly want to have a happy day no matter the circumstances, you need to see happiness from a different perspective. Her teacher, Geshe Kelsing Gyotso states, “Much of the time, our mind is like a balloon in the wind, blown here and there by external circumstances. When things are going well, we feel happy but if something doesn’t go our way, we’re not happy.”

We need to see the world in a bigger picture and not just our selfish reach for happiness but be compassionate to others for if we are causing unhappiness for others then it will come back to us in karma.

She goes on to say that “As long as our reasons for having a good day are a list of external conditions, then were not going to have the stable happiness we all want.”

That is an unbelievable statement because most of us put the blame on others, or circumstances for our unhappiness and we lose sight of what real happiness entails.

What Does Your Happiness Depend On?

“Happiness is NOW! It isn’t tomorrow. It isn’t yesterday. Happiness is like a morning glory: Yesterday’s won’t bloom again; tomorrow’s hasn’t opened yet. Only today’s flower can be enjoyed today. Be happy this very moment, and you’ll learn how to be happy always.”
Swami Kriyananda

If you can’t control your circumstances or the people you are with or meet then will they cause your unhappiness?

Of course not. But why do we believe that statement?

It means our happiness is left in the hands of others and we’ve given control of our lives over to others and I know I don’t want to give up control of my life to no one but God. We end up being at the whim of our daily circumstances.

Hunting for Happiness

by Kiip – From Visually

What Do We Need To Be Happy?

1- Stop outsourcing our happiness and happiness to others – This means we have to take complete responsibility for our own happiness or unhappiness. As hard is that to accept, we must look deeply into our own hearts and minds to begin taking back control of what we feel.

Stop attributing our happiness or unhappiness to what is going on externally. We need to look within for our own happiness and own that. Stop blaming others for our unhappiness. The only blame should bo on ourselves for being so selfish.

2- Happiness and unhappiness are just states of mind – The real causes of our happiness or unhappiness depends on what is in our minds. That state controls what we feel and then we react to it. Instead, your happiness depends on a peaceful positive state of mind. That way, you can withstand anything that comes your way and still feel the joy of life.

It is how we are responding to everything around us that determines whether we are happy or not. Not outside circumstances because they change all the time.

How Is This Done?

Cultivating A Stable Peace Of Mind

“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise man grows it under his feet.”
James Oppenheim

find your own brand of happiness

We do it through cultivating a stable peace of mind. We cultivate this peaceful and positive state of mind through meditation. All meditation is, is a practice of concentrated focus on what we want to put our attention to. To cultivate this peaceful and positive peace of mind, we concentrate our energies on increasing
awareness of how we are responding to the things around us and changing those things that make us unhappy. This is a way to enhance both our personal and spiritual growth and become closer to God.

According to Vlad Dolezal of An Amazing Mind , there are 5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Peace of Mind.

He lists them out  below:

1-Do your most daunting task first thing in the morning – 

2-Let go of things you don’t control

3-Don’t worry about what others are thinking

4-List 3 things you love about your situation right now

5-Walk to a window, look outside, and take a single deep breath

Are Joy And Happiness One In The Same?

“Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happiness comes and goes but joy is everlasting. Meditation teaches us to remain in loving kindness to the world around us and become the best version of unconditional love we can be to bring it to the world. How much happiness we bring depends on how much joy we feel. The more joyful we are the more we can
bring happiness to the world.

Sadness is part of the world but it doesn’t have to take us over. Being conscious of our thoughts, moods, and words ultimately brings happiness in our awareness of self. You can’t control others but you can control yourself that is why you have the choice to be happy even if things aren’t going your way. Happiness is a state of mind and whatever state you are in that is what you are feeling.

Go beyond your feelings and learn to calm the mind. It is there you will find the peace and happiness you have been searching all your life. I hope this 3-Part series has uplifted your spirits in such a way as to give you cause to rethink your own life in a way that will take you on the road to a rich and warm happiness that you can give to others through unconditional love.

Learning to find happiness is not an easy task but if you open your heart and mind happiness will find you

Why Happiness Is A Choice You Make

happiness is a choice you make

Happiness Is A Choice You Make

“Too often in life, something happens and we blame other people for us not being happy or satisfied or fulfilled. So the point is, we all have choices, and we make the choice to accept people or situations or to not accept situations.”
Tom Brady

If you feel you are lacking in the happiness department my friend, that is a choice you have decided to make.  You have full and complete control over your life and the decisions you make so don’t let anyone tell you different.  Whatever you do in life choosing to be happy is a choice you make and you make alone. You may feel like the fun has gone out of your life but there are many   factors which people measure their own happiness.  Some people think money is the ultimate happiness but they soon realize money doesn’t bring happiness only misery if all you do is work all the time to pay for your pleasures.

You might look at others who are blessed with so much but beware, you don’t know their situation. They may be in serious debt even though it looks like they have  everything.  Don’t strive to be like them. Instead, carve out your own happiness niche in this world by following your passions and your ideals. Being a slave to wealth, possessions, status, or even an exalted position you hold at work. don’t create happiness.  Happiness is a choice that comes from deep inside.

How is Happiness Measured?

measure of happiness

“Happiness, true happiness, is an inner quality. It is a state of mind. If your mind is at peace, you are happy. If your mind is at peace, but you have nothing else, you can be happy. If you have everything the world can give – pleasure, possessions, power – but lack peace of mind, you can never be happy.”
Dada Vaswani

There are many things in life that can make you happy.  They are mainly subjective because happiness comes differently for everyone. The way you find joy and happiness is measured differently by everyone. Everyone seeks happiness in their own way. What makes you happy is a natural high that you deserve to find.  There is nothing wrong with the things that you find joy in. Respect others for what they enjoy.  Seek out your own enjoyment and never feel guilty for your own pleasure.  It;s something they can;t take away from you.

While some people appear to be naturally happy looks can be deceiving.  Although studies suggest there is a genetic disposition linked to being happy it doesn’t mean you were born to be miserable if you are not a naturally happy person.  Your happiness is influenced by your environment and the people you come in contact with.

How To Find Happiness In Everyday Life


Sleep is a big factor in being a happy person.  Sleep is needed for the body to function properly.  When you don’t get enough sleep you you end up being very moody, have an inability to think clearly, and your reactions to events is slow.. Lack of sleep can cause problems with your health as well.  Ensuring total well being requires a good night sleep.  Change your daily schedule so you can get to bed earlier.  You also might need to encourage other people in your household to help you a little bit more if you are working too hard.


Exercise is very good for the body and floods the brain with endorphins which are responsible for making you happy.  Exercise is important for total health. When you exercise, focus not only a toned body but on a firm mind.  Build self confidence which is a precursor for finding happiness.  Exercise is not just about feeling or looking good but a way to avoid sickness.  When people are sick they tend to lose gratitude they had for life.  Always be grateful for who you are, what you have been given and work hard to be the best person you can be.


Practicing meditation is another great way to find happiness in your life.  Combined with exercise, it can relax both your body and mind.  Mediation is a form of prayer and calms the spirit.  A calm spirit can focus on way to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.  If you are a goal-oriented person this is a great way to pursue the visions and dreams you have.

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to change your well being.  Doctors have proven that meditation generates brain activity on the left side, which produces positive emotions in the body. Meditation offers a world of good for the practitioner which in turn, creates a sense of well being in the person.  Those that a happy people have a good sense of well being about themselves and radiate it out into the world. Inner peace is the ultimate form of happiness and feeling you are one with God goes along way in keeping you happy.


Prayer is the highest form of happiness.  When we pray to God, we bask in his unconditional love. Prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving show our happiness and love for GOd.  It is a well known fact that those who pray are much happier than those who don’t.  Knowing that there is a loving and caring God that has our back gives comfort in time of trouble and stress and helps us avoid become victims of depression.  Once again, praying changes our brains and causes us to feel at peace. Peace is just another word for happiness in its most basic form.

The Quest For Happiness

“Perfect happiness is a beautiful sunset, the giggle of a grandchild, the first snowfall. It’s the little things that make happy moments, not the grand events. Joy comes in sips, not gulps.”
Sharon Draper

Some people search their whole lives for happiness and never find it.  They are too busy with their own feelings they never stop to understand what others may be doing or feeling.  One of the best ways to find happiness is to serve others.  We find comfort is serving others and studies have shown that it changes our heart when we help others.

Research - What makes us happy?

From Visually.

Being part of a community is another way to bring happiness into your life.  Those who share our passions are more apt to treat us with respect and dignity and their friendship is a great way to enjoy a happy existence.  The more good and trusted friends you have, the more happy you will apt to be.

If you are an unhappy person, use these tips to be happy to change your life for good.  No one wants to be unhappy but there are ways to avoid unhappiness and learn to enjoy what life has to offer.

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