7 Tips On The Importance Of Remaining True To Yourself

remain true to yourself

Do You Know The Importance Of Remaining True To Yourself?

“Be yourself…. everyone else is already taken “
Oscar Wilde

Do you know who you really are?

Do you live according to your authentic self?

The problem that most people have is they try to be all things to all people and forget who they really are inside. They try to be politically correct in an imperfect world where they try to fit in with those who have no tolerance for people and thoughts they don’t agree with.

Learning how to remain true to yourself is more than just sticking up for yourself and your beliefs. It goes far beyond just saying this is me and like it or not, I’m going to be who I am. Let’s delve into the inner working of what it takes to stay true to yourself.

7 Tips To Remain True To Yourself

“Stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn. Work hard, and never give up on your dreams, even when nobody else believes they can come true but you. These are not cliches but real tools you need no matter what you do in life to stay focused on your path.”
Phillip Sweet

Here are 7 Tips To Remaining True To Yourself and Your Ideals 

1- Cherish Those Things Close To Your Heart – The first thing that comes to mind when trying to remain true to your inner self is learning how to cherish those things that are close to your heart. Life isn’t always about us but the people and experiences that make up who we are right now and who we ultimately become. Never forget where you came from, your struggles and the people who helped you get where you got to today.

Those that are true to their inner self are the ones who are unselfish and believe in the love that God has given them. Without that love, you cannot be someone who claims to be authentic if you don’t realize where it came from… our creator!

2- Trust Your Gut – How often have you listened to your gut and found that what you were feeling was real? For most people, they forget how to use their intuition to live an authentic life.  That inner voice we have is telling us what we should do at any given moment in time. If you believe in God and trust Jesus, that inner voice gives you the roadmap from which to find your passions and make honest and caring decisions.

We find this in 1 Samuel 16:7

“But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”

How does your inner voice help you make decisions everyday that allow you to remain true to yourself? Each of us was born with a different personality and  our daily experiences in life mold our thought processes and shape who we become. No matter where we come from, we have been taught the differences between good and evil and when we choose to follow our gut instincts, it should keep us out of trouble.

3- Focus On Your Spiritual Fulfillment – One thing that most people tend to forget in their lives is their spiritual fulfillment. They go off and think everything is all about them and want to experience what life has to give but there’s much more to life than our selfish interests.

This is true when it comes to knowing who we are on the inside. I see too many people searching for things that make them happy when everything they need is inside of them. God has given us life and created us in His image but when you forget Him, you forget what He did for us.

Christianity has become the new whipping boy in the media and they so love to put us down band blame us for everything that is going wrong but without spiritual fulfillment, we are missing out on all the great things that make us who we are.

According to David Truman, “The primary discipline in true spiritual practice is to accept our true nature as God created it, and then to learn how to express it under all circumstances — as an outworking of that enlightened self-identification. Living goodness may take time and effort to replace well-rehearsed habits of egoic living. But it’s not hard to do; it’s a joy. Hold firmly to positive self-identification, and old habits will fade fast.”

We are under the false impression that we know who we are. Our ego tries to tell us who we are but God knows the real us. Our values teach us how to act but they don’t tell us who we are, only God can do that. Ego tells us we aren’t good enough or are too good but it stands in the way of us seeing the person that God created and how we are to fulfill that calling.

We find the true self in our spiritual practice of loving God and letting God work in us. The self that lets go of it’s own selfish ego and allows God to take over. We cooperate with God in a way that brings out the best qualities in us and allows us to seek His happiness, His peace and His love. We start with love and end with love. Everything in between is a mission to become one with our creator.

4- Live With Integrity – Integrity is is essence, a state of becoming complete or whole in everything we say and do. We are truthful in our words and deeds, and believe in the power of truth and love above all. A person built on trust is someone we can count on no matter what.

How often have you told someone you were going to do something and either forgot about doing it or decided it wasn’t worth it? Your word means everything. Integrity is an important component in becoming true to your inner core.

Clarity of thought and deeds depend on living with integrity. Knowing the difference between right and wrong is much different than doing what is right or wrong. That means being transparent and owning up to your mistakes. Don’t blame others for what you do but be bold enough to let your actions speak for themselves. We see it in this beautiful quote by Juan Mascaro:

“The thought manifests the word;
The word manifests the deed;
The deed develops into habit;
And habit hardens into character;
So watch the thought and its ways with care.”

Integrity is the means that we bring moral decisions and actions into our lives. What we are taught means nothing unless they put into action. Who we are comes from those actions. The more integrity we have the better we serve the Lord and can maintain the true self.

5- Live In The Moment – Our lives are made up of all the experiences up to this moment. What happens after this moment no one knows but you must learn from the past to live in the present. Tomorrow will take care of itself. but it is how you live today that shapes who you are right now.

It seems everyone is so worried about the future that they forget about today.

Are you taking in all that is around you?

Do you give and receive love in a way that helps others?

Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple once said, “If today was the last day of my life would I want to do what I’m about to day today?” It is about listening to your inner voice and examining what you are doing today. Yesterday cannot be changed but you have the chance to do that today.

We see life as a black and white piece of paper that tells us we must do this or something will happen and if we don’t, we will pay the price for not listening. Life is much more than that. It’s about seeing all the beauty around us and becoming part of the play that is life. Don’t sit in the balcony and watch others… instead, open your heart and live life. You will make mistakes but that shouldn’t  preclude you from seeing what life has to offer.

The real you wants to be part of everything because we are all interconnected. God made us that way for a reason. We are social creatures who need to interact. Being true to yourself is a personal choice that brings you in line with what God has made you for… a beacon of love to the world.

living with authenticiity

6- Live With Authenticity – How many of us actually let our authentic selves come out to play? Not many. Why is that so? We are so afraid to open up based on what others will think or say that we fall into line with everyone else and forget we are all individuals.

We are so afraid of others laughing at us or disagreeing with our intentions that we bottle up our true selves and assume the role of robots in society. That is, becoming like everyone else that we are just a number instead of an individual with our own thoughts, feelings and idiosyncrasies.

We must learn how to be proud of who we are and what we’ve become. We are not in competition with others but in association. Through interconnections we work together for the betterment of society as a whole and for ourselves on a personal level.

Living authentically means being aware of who we are and allowing it to be a blessing to others. Doing things so others may accept you means nothing unless it comes from the heart. You need to act in ways that are in harmony with your values, preferences, abilities, and beliefs. Without this, we are just fooling ourselves and others can see right through us.

“Feelings or emotions are the universal language and are to be honored. They are the authentic expression of who you are at your deepest place”.

Judith Wright

7- Take Responsibility For Your Life –  The real you must be responsible for everything you say and do. It’s not about blaming others but standing up for what you believe and being able to take the heat despite what others may think.

Learn how create your own experiences. Take control of your life and create the experiences that bring you happiness, love and inner peace. Don’t rely on others to fulfill your purpose. You need to take responsibility and do it yourself.

Learn how to make positive changes that bring out the authentic you. None of us are perfect but when we try to act that way we fail miserable. Changing for change sake does nothing to help us become better individuals but changing to make positive change that benefits others… well, that is something we all need to aspire to.

Finally, take responsibility for who you are at all times. It’s no one else’s job but yours. To remain true to yourself, you need to work at being the best you possible. It’s not easy, takes time and patience but this is about you. Make living your true calling your ideal life.

Be bold… be alive… and be authentic. Your life depends on it!

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