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Reprogramming Your Mind For Positive Success



Reprogramming Your Mind For Positive Success

reprogram the mind

In life, success is all built on our mindset. How we think usually determines how far we go in life. Do you feel like you are stopping yourself from becoming the successful person you’ve always wanted to be? When it comes time to setting realistic goals, you need a road map to follow to bring you the positive success you long for.

If you don’t reprogram your mind for positive success your thoughts may end up sabotaging your momentum? Are you up to the task and ready to make the commitment or do you feel simply you aren’t qualified to carry it all the way through? The key to finding your way in life lies in how you set up your thought patterns.

Reprogramming Your Mind Against Negativity

Reprogramming your mind sounds like a story straight out of science fiction but it all has to do with focusing your mind on the positive elements within your reach. When we allow our minds to wander we invite trouble in. Past hurts, feelings of inadequacies and self-defeating thoughts can ruin our thoughts and misaligned our core values.

We’ve all had times in our lives when our confidence levels weren’t up to standard but even in my
own life, despite a myriad of problems, I focused my concentration on positive outcomes which got me through the tough times. I have programmed my mind to decipher the codes of guided positive thoughts that have shaped my life. I pay close attention to my inner dialogue so that I’m on top of my thoughts at all times.

You must change the way you respond to your inner dialogue. Instead of obeying every negative thought that comes your way, use positive reinforcement to counter the immense power of negativity to overcome your anxious thoughts. Follow your thoughts by being on top of what you think about. Make a concentrated effort to think about those things that will make your life better. Don’t dwell on things that make you angry or upset but follow the plan you have laid out for yourself.

Reprogramming Your Mind By Using The 10-Day Negative Thought Fast

Instead of just getting by, your life can be exceptional when you put your focus on positive solutions rather than be constrained by your challenges. Emmett Fox, the creator of the 10-Day Negative Thought Fast, set up a system of rules to help you purge negativity from your mind.

Here are the rules:

1. If you break any of the rules, you have to restart the 10 days all over again from the beginning. To make this work for you, complete 10 consecutive days by giving up all negative thoughts as they come. Focus on ridding yourself of things that bring you down. Concentrate on your thoughts as they come and be mindful of how you react to situations.

2. Don’t focus on your negative thoughts or remain in a negative emotional state for more than five minutes. Five minutes is plenty of time to deal with your thoughts. Recognize that what’s going on in your mind is directly affected by what’s in your heart and deal with it as it comes. Don’t put it off. Remember, having to start all over again puts more stress on purifying your thoughts.

3. Focus on solutions. When negative thoughts appear, start looking for possible solutions immediately. Stay ahead of your thoughts. Solve your challenges instead of focusing directly on them. Most people have the same challenges but resolution does not come easy. Instead of dwelling on what’s wrong, remain upbeat and look for positive solutions.

This may sound easy but it’s very difficult giving up the grip of negativity. Even though we think worrying can help, it causes more than its share of problems and makes it harder to stay positive.
When negative thoughts rear their ugly head, the best way to respond is to ask yourself this one question, “How can I solve this quandary?” The point is to focus on your immediate thoughts.

Over the 10 day thought fast, you’ll begin forming positive habits which will help you reprogram your thoughts by immediately recognizing your negative mental state and then focusing on positive solution. After 21 days you’ll develop a permanent habit that will require a minimal amount of self-maintenance and a better awareness of your thought patterns.

Taking Your Focus Away From A Negative Thought And Turning It Into A Positive Success

An easy way to keep your negative thoughts at bay is to ask these positive questions:

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  • What’s great about today?
  • What do I like the most about myself today?
  • What am I most proud of in my life?
  • What am I most looking forward to in my life?
  • Am I happy or sad today?
  • Am I aware of what is bothering me today


If you are constantly filling your mind with pure and positive thoughts, there is definitely no room for all the negative thoughts that flood your mind. Since we only concentrate on one thought at a time, making the most out of your positive thoughts makes good sense.

Try the 10 day thought fast and see how it changes your life. It will change how you deal with every day’s challenges and give you the impetus to reprogram your mind for positive success.

Want to know how to reprogram your mind and live a righteous life?

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