Reinventing Yourself For Enduring Success


The Art Of Reinventing Yourself


Reinventing yourself… it’s something most of us are afraid to do since we are so entrenched in our own shoes but stop thinking about where you are supposed to be in life and start acting on being the authentic you.

Want to experience real happiness? Real love? Real success?

It’s all about letting the real you shine through despite the complexities of life. It means embracing your imperfections and implementing your special gifts so that you can make a big difference in the world. You were born for big things but if you hide the real you then it will cause you pain and unhappiness.

None of us like to hide behind a facade but when trying to cope with societal demands we often take on the persona of someone else in order to deal with the failures, losses and even the let-downs of everyday life.

You must transform your self-image from that of accepting what life gives you to pursuing the self that God has envisioned for you before you were born. The reason why you haven’t begun this transformation comes from your ego. You want to be liked by others and morph into this fake persona when your ego is challenged.

You must satisfy that part of your ego that wants to be free. The part that is the real you. Only then can the authentic you come out.

3 Things It Takes To Reinvent Yourself

  • Act of courage – Most people won’t go the full distance to become their authentic self. It takes courage to step out from the old self but the rewards are great and the life you will lead will be more fulfilling and genuine.
  • Stand with conviction – You must overcome the opinions of others and do what is meant for you in your own heart. Stop living someone else’s life and stand for your own morals, values and beliefs. Those are more importance than acceptance by others.
  • Make a positive impact on your fellow man – Don’t shy away from greatness. It is a part of you and you must be willing to bring out your most productive self, your most successful self and your most effective self to make any type of positive impact in your daily dealings with others.

Reinventing Your Authentic Self

There comes a time in our lives when we cannot keep living the way have been.  If you don’t want to change then it will be even tougher when circumstances force you to change on the fly.

Here are two question you need to ask yourself when trying to be authentic in nature are these:

  1. Do I really want to change?
  2. What is the real reason why I want to change?

Reinventing ones’s self means getting out of your comfort zone and looking deep within yourself and deciding who you want to be. The person others want you to be or the authentic person that you have held back for so long?

According to therapist Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo and author of “Better Than Perfect” revealed in an interview with Entrepreneur Magazine that “Breaking your own mold can only make you stronger and more confident to reach higher levels in your profession and personal life.”

The authentic self needs to come out. Living the same old way without rhyme or reason holds you back, makes you stale and offers no hope of breaking new ground in any area of your life. Dr. Lombardo goes on to say, “In order to be more creative, you have to try new things in a new way, put pieces together in a new manner.”

This is what we mean by being authentic. Finding those pieces deep within yourself that are put together in such a way to make a new puzzle that accurately describes the person you truly are.

The author C. S. Lewis put it this way; “You’re never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.”

Have your dreams become stagnant?

Have you ever wished to live with your inner vision?

The authentic self has a vision of its own. It creates the vision and puts it in motion.

How do you see the vision of your future?

Authentic people have a vivid and colorful imagination. They take time to see their dreams develop and then go out and make those dreams a reality. On the other hand, when you are trapped within a made-up persona, those dreams seem too far away to become real and your inspiration has no get up and go.

The authentic self looks back at the past fondly but looks to the future with compassion and gratitude.

Self Reinvention Made Easy

Now that you understand what self reinvention is, how you must summon your authentic self to the forefront and why it’s so important to live authentically with a vision, your next order of business is to make that vision a reality.

Unless you actually map it out on paper and make it a daily part of your life, that vision will always be in the back of your mind and never take off. Make a list of the things in your life that need changing, what you believe in, your morals and values as well as what you want to do with your life.

Next, make a schedule for each vision of yourself and what you need to do to accomplish each vision. Don’t be  concerned with success or failure at this point because that puts too much pressure on your ego. Instead, work on the steps you need to personally take to get to the next step of your vision.

Your vision is a daily walk. You are in it for the long haul. It’s not about how fast you reach the vision of your authentic self but that you reach it at all.

You have choices to make regarding your invention. Do not take these lightly. If they are important to you then real you will show in every situation. Strip away the invented personality piece by piece replacing it with your own authentic vision of who you are inside.

The world has been waiting for you… don’t let it down.

What Is Involved In Your Self Invention 

  1. Passion – Authentic people live their passions to the max. They step out of their comfort zone and embrace their passions. Why? It is that part of them that makes them feel alive! It is the part they were born to do. To live in alignment with your passions you must tune into the very passions that drive your daily pursuits. Do they align with your values and morals? If not, you must reassess your passions, for if you don’t, then you will be conflicted your whole life.
  2. Preparation – All your life has been a preparation for the real you to come out. Until now, you’ve lived behind a mask that hides your true identity. This mask has made your choices for you. Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in your heart? Do you believe in your values? Do you believe in your calling? If so, then you must prepare yourself not only mentally but physically as well. You must believe in this vision to take the next step in your life. Start taking care of your body by eating right, getting enough sleep and not abusing it. Prepare your mind and body for this transformation ahead by committing yourself to making it happen. This is not just a dream but your dream.
  3. Perseverance – Reinventing yourself is a process that takes time and energy. The same time and energy that you were using to hide behind can now be used to unveil the authentic you in a way that inspires you make a difference in the world. When you love what you do and bring that vision to the world slow and steady, you build up endurance and that’s where your success lies. Your impact comes from a build up of energy and a release of hidden stress. The longer you run the race the easier it becomes to make being authentic a habit you cannot break.

Reinventing Yourself From The Inside Out

Reinvention is nothing without action. To say you want to do something is not the same as making the attempt. Have you ever seen those people who are driven beyond measure? When they want something they go after it. They have a passion to live their authentic dreams.

How do you reinvent yourself from the inside out?

According to Wesley Goo, internationally recognized speaker, trainer and coach, there are five areas of your behavior that needs to be changed in order to make your reinvention work.

  1. The Scarcity Pattern – To often we live with the excuse that we don’t have enough to make things happen. We fall back on the lie that we don’t have enough money, time or resources but that is the big lie. When you want something, you’ll find the way to get. It’s called resourcefulness and every successful person uses it to the best of his ability. Wesley says we need to change our mindset and focus on the things gets results instead of falling back on our excuses.
  2. The Busyness Pattern – How often do you complain you don’t have enough time to do things? Everyone has 24 hours in a day but once again. we fall victim to the excuses of being too busy. Busyness impedes our progress and traps us without getting anything done. Instead, you need to focus on committing yourself to  the task at hand. It’s not about being busy but what you do with your time. How do you expect to accomplish your goals when you spread yourself too thin without focusing on finishing what you start?
  3. The Blame Game – We live in a world where taking responsibility for our actions is a dirty word. We blame others for our mistakes, lack of control and any number of things we do but we don’t look at the source of our failures and problems. Stop blaming others and look in the mirror. When you blame it all on others, you hand over power to what you are blaming and you create this alternative identity. Instead, trade in your blame for leadership and take responsibility for your own life and what happens in it.
  4. Procrastination Pattern – This kills any momentum you can muster. You need to be honest with yourself and stop delaying your progress. The time is now, not in the past or for the future. Start things now and keep your momentum moving forward and good things will happen. Stop delaying and be a person that takes action. Action-takers are the ones who make things happen. They don’t have time to make excuses or blame others. They look inside and find the internal fortitude to carry out their mission in life… to be the best they can and to live the life they choose not what is chosen for them.
  5. The Delusion Pattern – We are always working on something but we never seem to finish it. Results come when you take things to their logical end but when you don’t get the results you want you make excuses and blame others instead of pushing yourself and making things happen. We become too passive in our behavior and allow things to dictate to us what happens next instead of the other way around. Elevate yourself above all these excuses and get accountable for your actions . Its the only way you can avoid the delusion of working instead of finishing. Ask yourself this one question. “What can I do in this moment in time to keep moving forward?” Your answer defines whether you finish or give up.

There is an old proverb that states, “When something bad happens you have three choices. You can let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.” Reinvention means enabling yourself to become the person you were meant to be.

Final Thoughts On Reinventing Yourself

Think about the person you want to be and step into your chosen identity. Look closely at who you admire , how they act and what they are doing with your life. Mirror their drive, their work ethic and their determination. It is these qualities that will make a huge difference in your own life.

Making This New identity Stick

All the hard work in the world is not going to get you where you want unless you believe in what you are doing. This isn’t easy but the rewards are gratifying because you will enjoy what you are doing and feel secure in your own skin.

Going out into the world as the authentic person you are may feel like walking naked in a big crowd but you are not there to please others. You are there to be you no matter what anyone else thinks. Find your focus and make that work for you.

Reinventing yourself and becoming the authentic person you envision is the greatest feeling in the world. It is freedom from being boxed in by society and it is your time to shine. Shine on and enjoy the ride!

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