how to motivate yourself

Real Secrets To Self Motivation That All Confident People Know


how to motivate yourself

How Self Motivation Bring You Happiness and Success

Everyone has god-given gifts to give to the world. The Holy Spirit has made this possible yet a great many people live their lives hiding those gifts and end up robbing the world of their greatness.

What gifts do you have and are you self motivated enough to bring those gifts to the world?

We all have a lack of motivation at times, There are hundreds of ways to improve ourselves but then we hesitate to act on them. Something catches our attention and we lose focus. Dianne Lowther is  an award-winning Master Trainer and Coach. She states that “All motivation is self-motivation. Nobody else can motivate you.” We sometimes forget that when we are starting tasks and need inspiration.

We go through rituals of avoidance every day.  Entrepreneur and Online Marketing Expert, Neil Patel states that “Motivation is like jet power propulsion. It transforms individuals from passive participants into active leaders, maybe because they know what’s in the secret sauce.”

He goes on to say, “Choose a destiny, then. Define your purpose. Chart your course. Once you answer the why, you will have unlocked the first door on the path to constant motivation.”  

Where does your destiny lie? Are you doing your life’s work or stuck in negative self-talk? Once you are clear on your purpose then that jet fuel will propel you to an active role in what you are doing.

Self Motivation At It’s Very Core

At the core of self motivation is transformation. What were you doing and what will you accomplish? Have you set goals that can be reached easily or have you set the bar too high. Without a goal motivation becomes fuzzy and uncooperative.

Neil tells us that “If you have several big rocks staring you in the face each week, then your goal each day is to chip away at them. Knowing that they are there and knowing you must conquer them creates a sense of motivation that won’t quit all day long.”  That’s your motivation right there unless you look at these rocks as boulders and all you have is a dull knife.

Self-motivation comes from a knowledge and builds momentum as you put this knowledge to work. Once you take your first steps, (even though they may seem daunting) you get the momentum going. It’s when success starts to build that elf motivation comes into play.

Everyone fails at times but that shouldn’t kill your momentum if you know how to motivate yourself. It’s all about building good habits that help us move forward. Triggering good habits helps develop the mind work on the task at hand.

Using NLP For Self Motivateion

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming  is the basic study of how the mind works through neurology, language and programming; It is also an analytical approach to personal communication, personal development, and psychotherapy and was  created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States in the 1970s.

These aspects of the mind are what drive your thoughts. We can self motivate ourselves through new programming of our thoughts, habits and feelings. NLP is used to challenging a person’s language and underlying thinking.

When we use our five senses, we trigger memories. These memories are used in determining our course of action. Those actions can be manipulated or programmed with certain patterns that help us break free of old habits and instill positive ones in their place. Those self-destructive habits and behaviors can be molded to think more clearly and stop the limiting beliefs that hold us back from realizing our dreams.

How Does NLP Fuel Your Motivation?

Using hypnosis suspends consciousness and brings on a hypnotic state where we by using suggestion can change the your thoughts and feelings. NLP can be used to figure out what types of characteristics the mind needs to function and structured in such a way that we use them to motivate our lives to achieve the success we are looking for.

NLP cannot change your physical appearance but how you feel about yourself. The more self confidence you have the better you are able to achieve success. Neuro-linguistic programming influences brain behavior to re imagine a new self.  NLP molds conscious and unconscious thought into a habit that induces a new code… somewhat like reprogramming a computer.

What  rewards can NLP offer?

1- You learn to ignite your inner desire.

2- Realization of goals:

3- Pure motivational power

4-Feelings of calmness and being anchored?

5- Ability to heal yourself with state management

Self Confidence Through Self Motivation

self motivation skills

Daniel Goleman author of “Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ” describes the four elements of motivation.

They are:

1- A Personal drive or desire to to achieve,

2- A deep commitment to personal or organisational goals;

3- A readiness to act on opportunities that come

4- Optimism in the face of larger of odds

What motivates you?

Knowing and understanding what motivates you makes it easier to to control how you motivate yourself.

Does your motivation come from inside which is called intrinsic (a want)or outside influences which is extrinsic (a need). Obligations play a pivotal role and when we feel our focus is not aligned with our goals we lose inspiration.

The same thing happens when we have challenges in our lives. Challenges are opportunities to fuel our appetite for achieving success.  By learning from both our defeats and success we can gain self confidence from experiencing these problems.

As you overcome challenges in life, changing your thought process and defining your purpose help maintain and inspiring new ways to motivate oneself.

How do you go about finding real motivation?

You can find it in my #1 bestselling book on entitled “Summoned To Love – A Spiritual Blueprint For Rediscovering Inner Peace, Unconditional Love, And True Happiness.”

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