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Personal Development Power – How To Increase Your Personal Power


What Is Your Personal Development Power?

personal development power

Let me ask you 3 important questions about yourself. Answer them honestly as they will be the basis for this entire post.

  1. Are you happy right now where you are in life?
  2. What are you doing to get to where you want to go?
  3. What’s stopping you from achieving success?

If you answered no to the first question then there is a good probability that the next two will be negative in nature and be filled with excuses. Now before you get angry with me, understand that I want to point you in the right direction and help you improve your personal development power.

What are you doing to improve yourself?

Are you making strides in your personal development?

Do you consider yourself successful?

These questions help you understand where your mindset is and what you need to do to get to where you want in life.

Personal power gives you the ability to create a life where you are in charge of changing your own world. Your personal growth comes from empowering your inner strength, your self confidence and your mindset.

These principals can be hard to learn if you do not practice positive thinking each and everyday. Positive thinking by itself cannot cannot change your world but when you combine them with limitless belief, a focused shift in your thoughts and actions, commitment to becoming the best you can be, motivating yourself to get where you want and a burning desire to never give up, you become unstoppable.

Think of all the people you know who are successful at what they do. Did they get there by hope and chance? No way! They knew the importance of personal development and they took the necessary steps to improve themselves. They were able to master the art of personal power to such a degree that there was no way they could fail.

Would you like to be one the few who can empower themselves to such a degree that you cannot possibly fail in life? Then read on.

How To Increase Your Personal Power

Do you want to increase your own personal power by the power of 10?

Learning how to increase your personal power starts by controlling your mind.  It means having laser focus on what you are thinking and being able to put those thoughts into action. It is mastering not only what you are thinking about but in the way your thoughts become actions.

The very idea that thoughts have massive power and are energy all by themselves should make you believe that nothing is impossible unless we believe it. Focus that power on what is good and righteous while you are awake and then allow the subconscious to build up your thoughts as a natural habit.

Mindset is the key ingredient of personal power. You will never see negative people reach their potential unless they change the way they think. Go ahead, take inventory of your daily thoughts. Try to catch yourself every time you have a negative thought. You might get down thinking there is no way to stop them but with practice and determination to follow through, you will succeed. This is what person development power is all about.

We follow a pattern that creates a habit of positivity no matter what the circumstance happening around us. We create powerful fields of positive energy that we let loose on the world. The more we think positive the more we act positive and hence, the more it becomes an automatic behavior.

This is what you are striving to accomplish. It doesn’t matter what you look like, where you comes from or what others think about you, personal power comes from you and your job it to reflect it out to the world. To become a beacon of light to a world filled with negativity and hate. It means empowering yourself and not feeling like you have to rely on others for everything which includes your emotional, physical and financial well-being.

Notice, I didn’t mention spiritual because your spiritual well-being must comes from your faith in God. Remember, you are not an island unto yourself but you must allow God to work through you. Imagine what you could do if you combines your faith with your mindset – you could absolutely change the world and make it a better place to live in.

Personal power means control. It is self control with your thoughts, your feelings, your urges, your actions and your words. If you can’t control yourself how do you expect to overcome your fears, your problems and your environment.

Strength of character is a much nobler thing to possess than mere physical strength for the body loses strength as it ages but character is forever. Strength of morals is a much stronger thing to employ than external strength as clarity of your beliefs makes you who you are.

How To Reclaim Your Personal Power

Society casts a disrespectful  eye towards those who have the power. They want you to behave like everyone else but where has that gotten you so far? Steve Jobs once remarked, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it by living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your own heart and intuition.” 

That is power indeed to be one’ self among the robots of society.

Personal power also effects the kinds of decisions you make. What kind of decision maker are you? Do you align your thoughts, beliefs, values and rules to come up with the proper decision or are you influenced by what others say or feel? It’s up to you to reclaim the authentic you otherwise, you turn off the power and you become like the rest of society.

The power of personal development comes from returning to the deepest part of your self. Your power must not be betrayed by regret. Instead live your life by these words from the song “Return To Innocence” by Enigma.

“Don’t be afraid to be weak. Don’t be too proud to be strong. Just look into your heart my friend. That will be the return to yourself, the return to innocence. If you want, then start to laugh, if you must, then start to cry. Be yourself don’t hide, just believe in destiny. Don’t care what people say, just follow your own way. Don’t give up and use the chance to return to innocence.”

The life you lead today controls tomorrow’s destiny. Do you want tomorrow to be like today? There are two paths that we can take in life. The one meant for us and the one everyone else takes.

How do you reclaim it?

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  • By believing in yourself – You are good enough. Don’t let other’s decide your worth. Don’t look for acceptance or go begging to be liked. Make others accept you on your terms.
  • By stop pretending to be someone else – The authentic person is trying to get out but we live in fear of not wanting to be hurt or be different. Let the real you come out and remove the masks that hide the real you.
  • By taking the power back from others – Too often we acquiesce to others and lose sight of our own thoughts, feelings and abilities. You make your own decisions and your own choices and take responsibility for each one.
  • By forgiving others – Believe it or not, forgiveness may be the most powerful form of energy known to man. Can you fathom the amount of energy that is lifted when we forgive others? God  made it an important part of the human condition as stated in Ephesians 4:31-32, “Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.”
  • By neglecting your own needs – Everyone must take full responsibility for their own actions. You cannot own other’s feelings. When you cater to the will of others, you imprison yourself as a victim of their circumstances. Break free of the notion that you can please everyone and work on pleasing yourself. That’s not being selfish, that’s making sure you don’t forget you own needs.


Personal power is a clear cut change in the direction of your life. It is the ability to focus your attention on what is important and make it a reality. This is your pathway to realizing your full potential as a child of God.

The Personal Power Formula

In order to make the formula work, you must understand the “Law of Personal Control.” This law states that you must feel positive about yourself to the degree to which you take control of your life. If you give that control away, you lose your personal power.”

When you are in control of your own power, you are able to make your own decisions that determine the direction of your life. When you give that power away, you lose control and feel as if external factors are controlling your every move. This is where excuses and self sabotage take over. You start blaming others for your problems, your lack of happiness or love as well as everyday challenges.

You have choices in your life. You can either be the master of your own choices or let your choices influence you. Most people play the victim role and hide behind the wall of insecurity while never reaching their true potential.

Brian Tracy says there are 10 keys to personal power. These keys are what makes this formula work.

1- Clarity – You need a vision that is clear and concise and you need to be decisive in with your clarity

2- Competence – Your excellence opens up opportunities for you. Learning to work hard with your clear vision yields a constant improvement which the market pays dearly for.

3- Concentration – Is a major component for being effective with your time, talents and your ability to complete the task at hand.

4- Common Sense – This trains your mind and allows you to think through every part of your vision. It is here where you should listen to your intuition and when you fall, you get back up and learn from your setbacks.

5- Creativity – Personal power gives you the ability to tap into your vast potential for creativity. Creative people look for better ways to do things and don’t give up until a solution is found. They are flexible enough to ask questions while at the same time are able to take an idea and flush it out until they bring it to fruition.

6- Consideration – Knowing how to get along with people is one of the keys in determining how successful you will become. Listening is just as important as talking and can be the difference to interpersonal relationships that work.

7- Consistency – Those who are consistent is their work ethic, in their relationships, how they react to problems, as well as their dependability become people of integrity. They are trustworthy in their words and their actions speak volumes about who they really are.

8- Commitment – Commitment to our ideals, values, to those around us are what sets successful people from those who only dream about finding success. Commitment means you accept no excuses, only results. Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said, “It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through.” Commitment is the difference between desire and action.

9- Courage – The real power we have comes from our ability to confront and overcome our fears. Courage is all about moving forward no matter what is in front of you while avoiding the ruts that steer us away from our intended destination. It’s okay to be afraid but fear is an opportunity for growth. It is through the adversity that we become the person we want to be.

10- Confidence – Those who are confident in their abilities are more apt to be successful. They don’t let self-doubt paralyze them and it is seen in their words and actions. Brian says “Confidence is the driving force to personal power and building a successful and fulfilled life.” Without it, we lack the focus to make things happen. We stutter in our attempts to make things happen and are hesitant to make mistakes. Confident people go forth because they have made the decision based on other nine keys.

What would your life be like if you had an abundance of personal power?  When you know and follow through on the importance of personal development, real success and personal freedom will follow.

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