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Living With An Abundant Mindset


Your Abundant Mindset

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The days of wishing and hoping for good fortune are long gone.  If you want to live abundantly, you must follow the path to abundance.  It doesn’t just come.  Instead, it is all based on what you want and taking action on it.

Ever listen to people complain about their situation?  They complain about having no money yet they spend it on things with no real value.  They complain about having no time for anything yet they sit around the house doing nothing of importance.  They complain about those with money and great jobs yet they take no steps to improve their life at all.

I know you don’t want to live that way.  You want to feel alive!  You want to be free of pain and sorrow.  You want, no you deserve to live abundantly.  God has given you the tools necessary to live that way.  He has provided the means for your abundance.

In Luke 6:45, it is written, “A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.”

What Is An Abundant Mindset

Living with an abundant mindset solves all those complaints. The rules of abundance are clear.  You manifest your own destiny with the help of God at your side and all will be given to you.

The commitment to becoming an abundant person starts with how you think and feel.  Be different in your approach to life as compared to others.  Seek out abundance in everything you do.  Make it a living, breathing part of your every day routine. It is absolutely impossible to succeed without taking any action at all.

Where does your heart lie?  For where your heart lies you follow.  Abundance doesn’t just mean money or riches or possessions.  It goes much further than that.  It brings in love, care, unselfishness, prayer, thanksgiving, appreciation, compassion, humility and a desire to know God.  Only he can offer the abundance you deserve.

You see, it is more than just having a nice car, money in the bank and a good job.  The universe love desire and wants you to have your dreams come true but you need clarity of mind to manifest those dreams.

Did you know that abundance is everywhere and is just waiting with open arms to be caressed?  The abundance mindset focuses on the abundance that is all around us.  It is acceptance of the abundance and the gratitude of having abundance.  It is a true circle that never stops.

When you adopt this frame of mind, you welcome it as if it was always meant to be.  You don’t question it nor do you push it away because you don’t deserve it.  It wants you to embrace it and make it a key part of your life.

Living With An Abundant Mindset

Abundance also has to do with others.  What you see in others is actually a mirror of what you see in yourself.  If you see ugliness and stupidity in others you are actually seeing that in yourself.  If you shift your focus and see only the good in others you will see only the good in yourself.  That reflection will bring positive energy into your life and increase your abundance.  It is like a balloon. The more air you fill it with the bigger it gets and higher it flies.  The more air you take out the lower it flies and without any air it comes crashing down to earth.

What are your expectations for yourself?  You get what you wish for.  If you fear success and what it brings you will never be successful no matter how much you talk about it.  At times we are our own worst enemy and we sabotage ourselves.

Whenever you give excuses as to why you can’t do something failure is right around the corner.  Anticipate success.  Anticipate abundance and it will be there waiting for you.  Anticipate good things are happening to you and they will.

Take your job for instance.  Instead of dreading your job, look at it from a different point of view.  Anticipate you will have a great day, you will make that sale or even outperform your previous best and it will happen.  When you put out the positive energy it can be like a tidal wave.

Abundance Is Yours For The Taking

After I had my near-fatal car accident, I was so grateful for the little things in life.  Even when I was in so much pain with my back I was grateful I wasn’t paralyzed or even dead.  I anticipate having a great day in spite of the pain and when there are setbacks, I deal with them.  I know they are part of life and I thank God he has saved my life.  I see abundance in the smallest of things.  A budding flower or a child’s funny laugh.  They are all part of my life.  I don’t take things for granted anymore.  I changed my mind set to search for abundance and let it cascade around me.

Most of us spend too much time looking back at the past and not living in the present.  Abundance is a reality that lives in the now.  What was, was and what is, is.  Look for abundance now and let it be a part of everything you do.

Don’t focus on the negative… live for the positive.  Don’t wallow in the past… remain in the present.  The future will come.  Don’t rush it.  Savor the abundance that is all around.  When you can sit and look at your world through the eyes of abundance you will see a totally new you and a life that is filled with more love than you could have ever hoped for.

How much do you want abundance?

It all starts in your mind. Discover the true secrets that bring abundance back into your life!

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