Life Takes On New Meaning For Author After Surviving Two Near Fatal Accidents

Life Takes On New Meaning For Author After Surviving Two Near-Fatal Accidents

Neptune, NJ – January 9, 2017 – Having survived two near fatal car accidents, Christian author Barry Ferguson’s new book, “Collision Course” gives step-by-step instructions aimed at helping people quickly heal their broken lives through the power of God’s unconditional love. Are you ready to access that power?

collision courseAuthor Barry Ferguson is a survivor. Having survived two near fatal car accidents in a six week period has given the Christian author a new lease on life and forged an alternative career as a transformational author. The two accidents were the impetus behind his recently self-published 2016 #1 Amazon book entitled “Summoned To Love” and his subsequent new book, “Collision Course.”

“Collision Course” is Barry’s inspiring true story of inner courage and coming to grips with his past while nearly losing his life in the present and then finding meaning between the two. “Collision Course” asks one poignant question: If you died today, could you honestly say you gave more love than you received and if not, what would you do to change the equation? The answer comes in the form of step-by-step instructions aimed at helping people quickly heal their broken lives that really work! It reminds people that the journey of life is more important than the destination, and that everything they need to succeed in life comes from God.

When asked why he wrote the book, Barry states, “Many people have gone through trials and tribulations in their life but what separates those who overcome their problems and those who don’t, comes down to the power of faith and how you take action on that faith.”

For years, Barry struggled to find his calling but always seemed to fail miserably. It wasn’t until he came to terms with his his own mortality that he finally realized what God wanted of him the entire time. This engaging book takes the reader on a wonderful journey that teaches timeless principles without being too preachy or judgmental. Despite his many mistakes in life, Barry digs deep into his own disappointments and shows that anyone can have a resurrection of their own if they just stand with Jesus.

Reflecting on his own life, Barry decided to take action and dedicate his life to helping those in need. “Collision Course” is his tribute to the infinite power of God’s unconditional love and how it can heal even the hardest of hearts.

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