Daily Commentary:  Let the message of Christ dwell in your hearts and be lived out in every action and word you speak. May you find His message on love . It is this teaching that we rely on to understand the Gospels.

But make no mistake about it, Many have twisted the message of Christ to fit their warped sense of the truth. But only the truth from the word of God can set us free. We must persevere and remain faithful to the Word. Without it, we are just hypocrites and cannot further the Kingdom of Heaven.

It is our duty and responsibility to make the word dwell in us so that we may be able to change lives and bring the word of Christ to all the nations. Many of us are still in the bondage of sin and without the real truth, we falter in becoming ambassadors of Christ.

Finally, our worship must reflect this truth. In John 4:24 we see what we must do, “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”  The more we understand the truth that has been given to us the more we can worship with a clean and loving heart.

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