trust in the Lord

How To Trust In The Lord Right Now

Trust In The Lord

Here is your Daily Devotional Prayer for November 7, 2016 brought to you by The Plough

“Consider the generations of old and see: Has anyone trusted in the Lord and been disappointed? Or has anyone persevered in the fear of the Lord and been forsaken? Or has anyone called upon him and been neglected? For the Lord is compassionate and merciful;he forgives sins and saves in time of distress.” Sirach 2:10–11

Dear Father in heaven, Mighty God in heaven and on earth, quicken us by the Word you have sent and by all you have done for us in your mercy and steadfast love. Keep us eager and joyful even in difficult and troubled days. Grant us unfailing trust in you, to give us firm ground under our feet so that we can always thank and glorify you. For you, O Lord, are our God. You are our Father, and you will never forsake your children in all eternity. Amen.

Daily Commentary: Trust… it’s a big word that has many consequences. For humans, our trust must be earned yet we put the same limits on God.

Why is that?

Jesus died on the cross. Having been sent by the Father in heaven to take sin away, His trust has rewarded us with everlasting life. The importance of trusting God comes from His promises.

Have they been fulfilled? Has God done what He said He would do? Has He not been merciful with you. Slow to anger and filled with love?

Look at your own life. Has God brought you through your trials and tribulations? Did you have faith in Him while going through these problems? No matter what happens to you, God will never forsake you. His word came to life and through His compassionate love saved your soul from damnation.

Trusting in the Lord is our way of bringing God’s unconditional love into our love. It is our insurance that not only are we loved but taken care of and renewed by the Holy Spirit.

What does it mean to trust god? The true meaning of trust comes through our faith in God. For without faith there would be no trust. It is only through Jesus Christ that final blessedness can be attained.

Want to know how to trust in the Lord and know His peace and happiness?

You can find it in my #1 bestselling book on entitled “Summoned To Love – A Spiritual Blueprint For Rediscovering Inner Peace, Unconditional Love, And True Happiness.”


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