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How To Set Goals To Achieve Personal Success


Why Set Goals Anyway?

goal setting

Everyone loves to set goals but most of us have trouble realizing our intended goals.  One of the basic ideas with goals is to motivate us to take action that inspires achievement.  If the outcome doesn’t interest you then the motivation will not be there.

What are your basic priorities in life?  Your goals should mirror those priorities and your commitment should maximize your success. When you set personal goals, it gives you a clear long-term vision of where you want to go in life.  Reaching those goals then gives you more self-confidence to conquer bigger and loftier aspirations.

Goal setting is a very important method of separating the important things in life from the irrelevant distractions that stop us in our tracks.  All of us have talents and abilities we haven’t used yet and even though our natural inclination is to work hard at things, successful goal setting condenses the ambition and gives you a road map to follow.

Creating A Goal Setting Plan That Achieves Success

Before setting personal goals for yourself you need to put together a master plan for achieving those goals.  This vision must have a purpose to it that defines what you are going to do and where you want to be in a specific period of time.  This vision must be very personal as the more personal it becomes, the more of a commitment you will make.

Setting goals is comprised of three main steps:

  • Create for yourself a realistic long-term goal that has a properly set deadline. For example, this may involve a financial, relational, educational, security, or a business-minded goal for which you must list all the steps that you need to take to realize your long-term goal. Prioritize each step along the way and complete them in an orderly fashion.
  • Create for yourself intermediate goals which help lead you to accomplishing your long-term goals.  Once again, determine realistic deadlines for each intermediate goal and continue with a set list of steps that need to be met in an order for which they will be finished.
  • Create for yourself short-term goals that lead into your intermediate goals.  This is called the ladder movement.  Like your intermediate goals, prioritize them with a set deadline and a list of requirements that need to be met.

Breaking down goals into smaller bite-size chunks makes it easier to accomplish your goals in a timely manner.  It won’t overwhelm you and you will find you are creating more self confidence as you realize and complete each step.

The Secret To Setting Realistic Goals That Builds Self Confidence

The secret to setting realistic goals is in developing a goals overview.  When you can outline your goals in a clear and concise manner, it makes organizing a “to-do” list very easy.  You’ll know what skills you need to learn, how to develop those kills, and when to use them to bring your goals to their fruition.

To build self confidence, write your goals down and then tick them off as you finish them.  It may seem like a daunting task but setting challenging but realistic goals forces you to strive to complete them.  Aiming too high may frustrate your patience and send you down a path of self doubt.  The manner in which you approach your goals also has a big impact on reaching your intended goal.

Everyone wants to reach their goals in the quickest way possible but it’s not the speed that counts but the process that gets you there.  Don’t go looking for immediate gratification but spoon-feed your actions and focus on the immediate solutions to get you to the next level.

Building The Foundation For Your Personal Goal Setting

Building  a strong foundation is at the heart of personal goal setting.  Having a great plan is a big advantage but if your foundation is not sturdy, no matter how hard you work, your goals will never be met. By building the right foundation from the ground up, you can put anything on top and it will help you build for the long term.

So what is your foundation built on?  It’s your habits.  Build good habits and no matter how much you get stuck your habits will spur you on.   Good habits should be part of your overall lifestyle.  How you live should define your goals not be the means to an end of the goal.  That is why your goals should have sustainability built right in. You’re in it for the long haul.

Your Foundation is built on 3 Key elements of the goal setting process:

  • The Goal’s Process – This is where you focus on your strategies, your techniques and what is working or not working for you.
  • Your Performance Goals – Are you going forward in attaining your goals?  What is holding you back?  Are you making the proper decisions for you welfare?  How are your mental, physical, and emotional senses holding up?  Are focusing on the present?
  • Your Outcome Goals – You should have full control of where your headed in your attaining  your goals.  Have you put emphasis on the right  strategies and have you tweaked your goals to facilitate a better outcome for your stated goals?  Your outcome should be realistic, specific and measurable to have the desired outcome.

These questions are needed at every juncture of the goal setting process.  Without them, you cannot build any type of self confidence.  Successful people use these principals in every area of life to attain their desired goals.  No matter what you want in life, setting the proper goals is your ticket to ultimate success.


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