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How To Live A Heart Centered Life

Living A Heart Centered Life

“When your heart speaks, take good notes.”
Judith Campbell

Do you know who you are?  Do you know the real you?  How you live is all based on what is in your heart.  How you think, how you feel, how you deal with others all comes back to being a heart centered person.  If your beliefs do not align with your actions then you leave yourself open to causing yourself pain.  Life has a habit of leading you astray if you don’t follow what’s in your heart.

Your thoughts can take you anywhere you want to go but if they take you to the wrong place it’s up to your to make sure the real you comes through.   True abundance does not come if you are not a humble person.  Living a heart centered life gives you the peace of mind to follow through on your beliefs.

When problems come your way, how do you react?  Are you safe in the knowledge that God is with you?  Or do you blame the world for your misfortunes?  Your day to day life is a way to work your calling.  Your love of God and his ways feeds your soul and guides your decision making.

How To Use Your Heart Centered Intuition

heart centered

“The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart suffers.”
Deepak Chopra

Your intuition knows what you should do in any given situation.  It is that instinctive feeling that you are making the right choice.  Sometimes it may seem like the illogical choice is being made but when you are living in the spirit, God is actually the one who is guiding your thoughts.

Your thoughts must come from the authentic you.  The you who knows the difference between right and wrong.  The conversation going on in your heart  and mind seeks the wisdom of the world to solve any and all problems that come your way.  When you read the signs and omens that comes through life’s journey, we ride’em as if we were riding a bronco.

It has been said,  “Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.” ~William S. Burroughs.  That answer comes with trusting in your intuition.  When you let go of all the negative thoughts and allow your subconscious to relax, the right answer comes from experience.

Your Heart Centered Journey

find the one that makes your heart smile

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

Where are you going in your life?  Your journey depends on where you have been and the experiences you’ve encountered.  When you have a relationship with God, your personal awakening comes from the peace and love located deep within your heart.  That journey can be long and arduous at times but faith keeps you grounded and full of hope.  That hope is centered around living a life full of love and service.

Doing what matters is how you make an impact on the world.  Living a life that is centered solely on money brings nothing but anguish and selfishness.  Our journey has been conditioned by our past.  Whether it was our family, our teachers or our friends, which path we choose to go down is influenced by our values.

Is it greed or unselfishness?  What is life asking of you?  Are you responding in a way that brings hope and happiness to you and the world?  Seek out the real you by meditating on your higher self.  The self that you feel most comfortable with.  To remain centered, understand your goals and how you are going to approach them.  As you discover your true purpose in life, align your soul to your truth and then express it outwardly with the world.

Your Heart Centered Calling

Are you called to live a life centered on love?  What have you been called to do?  The life you lead now has consequences that can cause you to lose hope and live in fear.  Your path may take you many places but you will always be with your own heart.  Your calling brings you to the world and the world back to you.  The center of it all is God and his love.

Living a heart centered life brings a vision that has God at the wheel and his love in your heart.  It gives you the beauty of the moment and gratitude in your heart.  That gratitude deepens our love of life.  The key to living a heart centered life is bringing compassion, kindness and humility into every situation you encounter.

Being a heart centered person is a skill you need to master but when God is your light, you have a path to follow.  Your hopes, your dreams and your mission are determined by your faith.   Our energy is either balanced or unbalanced .  When you live in balance, becoming a heart centered person is easy.  It’s when you fall out of balance that the problems occur.

Though the world may be out of balance, you must embrace your heart, embrace your love and embrace the grace given to you by God.

Want to find out how a heart centered person gets his strength from? Give yourself to God!

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