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How To Develop Your Creative Imagination

Developing Your Creative Imagination

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.”
Albert Einstein

Humans are unique to this world.  Everything we have achieved is a direct result of developing our creative imagination.   Our senses have become so powerful that we have become much more aware of what is going on in our world.   We have the ability to visualize ideas in our mind and then bring them into existence where as animals are limited to just their instincts.

Imagination is a big part of how the human mind operates.  It sees the possibilities in everything.  It sees the world in a brand new way and then puts them into action.  How we develop our creative intelligence can change how we see our own world.

Imagination provides a window to all the possibilities the world has to offer you. Use it to give yourself creative ideas and solutions to any problem that rears its ugly head. Imagination gives you unlimited potential to lead the dream life you’ve always wanted.

Imagination enables you to resolve challenges, take advantage of life’s opportunities, and discover joyous new experiences that can and will turn you into the person you were born to be.

Using Your Creative Imagination

What are you doing to develop  your creative imagination? Are you taking your imagination to a new level or do you disregard your your dreams?  When your mind is able to  actively see and hear things in your mind, is an important way to bring out your inner creativity.   This type of creativity goes along way in bringing out the true self.  Now, it doesn’t have to be hard work but it does need to include quality original thinking.

Did you know that Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because “He lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” Look how he turned out. Walt Disney had a dream and he didn’t let anything stop him. His imagination carried him to incredible heights and his beautiful stories are loved by millions of people all over the world.

Sometimes, you need a break from the world to gather your thoughts and take a rest but this is the time when your imagination is at its peek. These strategic breaks allow the mind to heighten its productivity which sharpens your concentration. It’s a great way to return to what you were doing before because now you can focus on what you need to focus on.

Mental clarity gives rise to even more inspiration as you now see things in a new light. Eureka moments happen at a greater frequency while solutions to the great problems of the day suddenly appear as if your brain located a missing file with all the answers.

The Power of Inspiration

From Visually.

Daydreaming is one process of free thinking with your imagination.  It consists of your own type of elaborate fantasy world where you allow the subconscious mind to take over and in a way, construct its own story.  Creative imagination is the ability to not just to imagine things, but to imagine original things and ideas that can be brought readily to life.  It is seeing things that others can’t see and experiencing things others will never experience.

Honing In On The Creative Imaginationcreative imagination

Every human has four endowments – self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change.”
Stephen Covey

First, you must continuously exercise your imagination whenever it is possible..  Allow your mind to think in images as well as sound.  Try to experience it in all its vivid colors as if you were watching a movie in surround sound.  You can start playing “mind movies” in your conscious mind, until you are able to watch them on demand.  This is a very simple process but it takes some getting used to.  As children, our daydreams were encouraged but as we grow older, it has become almost impossible.

The second part of developing your creative imagination is actually forcing yourself to become more creative in your thinking and imagination.  Pay attention to what you are thinking.  Don’t ignore any aspect of your life.  Find areas that you can hone in on and start feeding your subconscious.  Allow it to go to places that fill you with more creative ideas.  Follow those ideas and allow them to flourish.

Another great way to encourage your creativity is to surround yourself with experiences, people and places so that it sparks new ideas.  A change of environment can get your thinking in a new way.  Role playing games is another way to see things from a different perspective.

Role playing games ignite the creativity in different parts of the brain and are great tools teachers can use to help struggling students. These games help kids improve their basic cognitive functions and critical thinking which advances their creative imagination.

Mankind can improve it memory function as well as their cognitive abilities by focusing on creative thinking.  Using imagination to solve problems is an effective way at drawing new conclusions on old situations.  The idea is, don’t try to solve problems using the same old methods when you can use creativity to find the answer.

Don’t Wait For Creative Inspiration To Come To You

every moment is an inspiration

“That’s all a man can hope for during his lifetime – to set an example – and when he is dead, to be an inspiration for history. “
William McKinley

Creative inspiration is something that can strike at any time, but it seems to strike at the worst time. The idea of waiting until you have time to work on it defeats the purpose of creative imagination. Instead, start mentally redesigning everything you see.  Imagine you can build it better and faster. Continue this until it becomes a habit you can build upon.

Creative imagination goes beyond just solving specific problems or inventing new things. The truly creative mind uses questions to come up with solutions.

Learning to be more creative focuses on three things:

1. Continually Ask More Questions – The more questions you ask the more you understand.  That understanding is the key to developing your creative imagination.

2. Open your mind to new roads – Find new ways to do things by thinking out of the box.  Take your ideas and turn them on their head.  Think of new ways to do things we normally take for granted.  Follow your heart on its journeys and see it through.

3. Run with your craziest ideas –  Don’t dismiss crazy thoughts or ideas.  Run with them and see where they take you.  Even if seems silly It could lead to the concept of a new invention that helps mankind. Learning new things and ideas sparks your inner creativity and increases your imagination.

Your imagination is a key cog in how you live your life.  Without it, you lose what makes you human. Create a new you and use your creative juices to aspire to greatness.

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