New Book Reveals Fresh Approach To Attaining True Happiness In The 21st Century

New Book Reveals Fresh Approach To Attaining True Happiness In The 21st Century

Summoned To Love cover 300 dpiNeptune, NJ – February 2, 2017 – According to the World Happiness Report, the U.S. ranked as the 13th happiest country in the world in 2016 but a new book by Bestselling author Barry Ferguson aims to change all that. His book “Summoned To Love – A Spiritual Blueprint For Rediscovering Inner Peace, Unconditional Love, And True Happiness​” takes a heart-centered approach to why most Americans are not enjoying life as they should be.

“The world is going through some very troubling times and it’s weighing heavily on the minds of most people as they struggle to get by” Barry said in a recent interview. With wages having stagnated over the years and people questioning their role in society, “Summoned To Love” is poised to make a strong connection with those individuals who feel left out. Barry goes on to say, “We’ve forgotten the little joys in life and what’s really important!”

This is especially true with Donald Trump having just taken over as the new president. Protesters from around the country are venting their frustrations with both government and society in general and many of the demonstrations are becoming violent. “There’s a great economic divide in this country and spiritually, we’ve lost our way,” Barry points out in his book.

Barry’s book outlines what we need to do as a people to bring happiness back to a culture that puts more emphasis on material possessions than unconditional love. His book gives sage advice to anyone who is looking for more than what money can buy. Barry says​ “Love has always been the most important thing in people’s lives and I think most individuals are realizing it’s time to change their ways and get back to loving others as much as they love themselves.”

For years, Barry has been searching for ways to improve his own brand of happiness after years of struggling with self confidence and esteem problems. When asked why he decided to write this book now, he states unequivocally, “I know what it’s like to be unhappy and people deserve to pursue their own happiness. I wanted to give them the blueprint to make that dream a reality.”

“Summoned” To Love is a unique glimpse into why unconditional love and true happiness go hand in hand and helps direct readers on their own pathway to happiness without being preachy or judgmental. In a world filled with too much hate and anger, “Summoned To Love” is a breath of fresh air for those looking to improve their happiness quotient.

Readers who wish to experience their own brand of happiness can purchase “Summoned To Love” at bookstores everywhere, online at, Barnes and Noble as well as the author’s website at

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