Collision Course The Book

Collision Course – The Book Is Ready For Pre-Order


Collision Course – The Book Is Ready For Pre-Order

Collision Course The Book

My new book, “Collision Course – How to Harness the Power of Love to Heal Your Broken Life” is ready to preorder on

Do you know the secret to transforming your life?

Have you tried to heal your inner pain without success?

Has your journey brought you to the depths of despair?

Hello, my name is Barry Ferguson and I’m going to take you on a fantastic journey of transformation and love where I reveal my personal road map to healing your heart.

After nearly dying in two near-fatal car accidents during a six week period, I went on a quest to find out why God allowed me to survive and what my mission on earth was supposed to be. What I found amazed and shocked me at the same time.

I discovered how living a heart-centered life built upon God’s unconditional love can change your fortunes despite the many failures in life. It is all about learning from your mistakes and putting God in charge.

What I found has been distilled into an easy to digest, faith-based guide that gives an authentic account of resurrection from the depths of my own broken life that will inspire  even the most hardened of heart.

I targeted those who are having a crisis of faith and need the power of the cross to get through the pain of life. By showing my own transformation, I hope to inspire others to allow God to transform their own lives and become strengthened with courage to life through the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

I ask one question that all of us need to answer… If you died today, could you honestly say you gave more love than you took and what would you do to change the equation?

How do you go about finding God’s unconditional love?

You can find it in my new book on entitled “Collision Course – How to Harness the Power of Love to Heal Your Broken Life”

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