Summoned To Love

Summoned To Love
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Series: Christian Love
Genres: Christian Living, Inspirational, Self Help
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: OuttaSite Publishing
Publication Year: 2016
Format: Soft Cover, Ebook
Length: 249 Pages
ISBN: 9781535013703

In a world crumbling before our very eyes, author Barry Ferguson takes us on an inspired journey where you can tap into the power of God's love to find the ultimate spiritual blueprint for rediscovering inner peace, unconditional love and true happiness. Learn how to create a firm foundation for love, why human suffering leads to real happiness and why God chose you to fulfill His mission on earth. If your faith has been shaken, Summoned To Love will be your guide to becoming the person you were always meant to be!

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About the Book

Is It Possible To Have Inner Peace, Unconditional Love and True Happiness In the 21st Century?

War, Hate, Bigotry, and Terrorism

Is That All We Have To Look Forward To In Life?

The world is going to pieces before our very eyes and there seems to be no end in sight.

We are living in a time where the average person is barely holding on. Social unrest, economic uncertainty, and political upheaval are exploding around us and there is a growing crisis of faith everywhere we turn.

As humans, we’ve lost the most important thing that separates us from the animal kingdom: The ability to love others unconditionally. As a consequence, unselfishness has become a global nightmare and the ties that bind us together as a people are quickly unraveling.

Wish You Could Find A Measure Of Inner Peace Without Selling Your Soul?

With Christians facing persecution from all parts of society, inner peace has become a major casualty in the fight to practice our faith. For those who are believers in Christ, there is finally a step-by-step spiritual guide that shows you how to find the peace God has promised each and every one of us.

Did you know there are 75 million Americans who struggle everyday with self-worth and esteem problems and don’t know where to turn for healing. Couple this with an estimated 35 million Americans who are going through a crisis of faith and you can see why so many are suffering.

Do You Long To Feel More Connected Spiritually To God?

“Summoned To Love” brings the message of hope and love straight from the word of God. Author Barry Ferguson takes us on an inspirational journey of faith and discovery by showing how loving others with a purpose can bring us closer to both God and true happiness in everyday life.

How To Find The True Realization Of God’s Love?

Each day millions of people face the ultimate test within their own their own hearts and long to find the road to salvation. In “Summoned To Love”, Barry has created the ultimate spiritual blueprint for rediscovering inner peace, unconditional love, and true happiness with these important Christian truths:

  • Why is giving so vital to loving others?
  • How to create a firm foundation for love?
  • Why human suffering leads to real happiness
  • How to be a light in a world filled with darkness?
  • Why has God chosen you to fulfill his mission on earth?

“Summoned To Love” is your gateway to tapping into God’s unconditional love and transforming yourself into the person you were meant to be!

Did you know that God has promised you His peace, His love, and His happiness but you need to learn how to unlock these amazing gifts so you can make them work in your own life?

Imagine if you could wake up every day knowing that nothing stands in your way of finding lasting peace and happiness!

It can be all yours but you must make a choice… do I continue living as the world lives or do I commit myself to a higher purpose?

In this step-by-step guide, you will find yourself growing closer to God everyday by learning these three important concepts on your journey of faith:

  1. “If you cannot love you cannot live!”
  2. “Without hope you cannot cope!”
  3. “Clarity of mind brings charity of heart!”

Would You Like To Know More?

“Summoned To Love” is your best defense against inner turmoil and broken dreams. Get started now and discover the reason why God Has Summoned You to become His disciple and how you can become a magnet for love.

Free Bonus Chapter not found in the kindle edition entitled “Why Peace, Love, And Happiness Is A Beautiful Gift From God!”

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About the Author
Barry Ferguson

Barry Ferguson is a 2-time #1 Best Selling author, Transformational Christian Life Coach, speaker, and teacher who has dedicated his life to helping individuals become the person they’ve also wanted to be.
A devout and caring Christian, he uses unconditional love as his main tool in inspiring and motivating his clients to achieve their special dreams.
Barry is a man on special mission. Having survived a near-fatal car accident not once but twice, God has called him to be an example of inspiration to others to help heal their own broken lives.
He specializes in total mind, body and spiritual health and has been interviewed on over 150 popular radio stations throughout the USA and Canada.
Despite his many failures in life, he has picked himself up and learned from his mistakes to help others do the same. He believes that everyone deserves to be loved and will not stop until he spreads his message of unconditional love throughout the world.
He is the author of over fortyty books that deal with helping people in all walks of life become healthy in body, mind and spirit. His love of children has led him to diversify into the children’s book market where he inspires kids with his adventure stories.
A noted lecturer and speaker in his home state of New Jersey, he is brings his message of hope and faith to his new weekly podcast entitled, “Transformational Love.”

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