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How To Transform Your Mind And Transform Your Life

How To Transform Your Mind The mind is the strongest weapon known to mankind yet most of us never develop the the skills needed to become the person we were meant to be. When challenges arrive, will you be ready to face them head on or will you cower away in fear for lack of

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find your passion

The Myth Of Finding Your Life’s Passion

What Is Your Life’s Real Passion? Is passion missing from your life? Are you living with a lack of real purpose? We put way too much emphasis on living out our true purpose in life but passion and purpose may not be all they’re cracked up to be. Say what? You soldier through life hoping your

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bad habit

Successful Tips For Breaking A Bad Habit

What Goes Into Breaking A Bad Habit “The difference between an amateur and a professional is in their habits. An amateur has amateur habits. A professional has professional habits. We can never free ourselves from habit. But we can replace bad habits with good ones.” Steven Pressfield Are you stuck in a bad habit and

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spiritual transformation

What Does Spiritual Transformation Look Like To You?

What Is Spiritual Transformation? What happens when you live a life apart from God? Many people have finally realized the futility of trying to live life on their own terms. They see how hard life is without having an advocate who loves us so much that He’s always looking out for our well-being. For this

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lasting happiness

Turning Your Joy Into Lasting Happiness

Turning Joy Into Happiness Do you believe you are a happy person? Do you cultivate any type of joy whatsoever in your everyday life? Let me show you how to turn the simple act of joy into a lifetime of lasting happiness. Throughout the ages, man has tried unsuccessfully to turn the joy he feels

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happiness is love

What Do Happy People Know That You Don’t?

The Secrets Of Happy People What is the secret of being happy? That is the question humans have been asking for thousands of years but at the heart of being happy is none other than love. Without love, happiness cannot flourish. It cannot breed it’s beauty and fulfill its prime directive… that is, bring us

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building self confidnce

The Art Of Building Self-Confidence

Building Your Self Confidence “It is only necessary to have courage, for strength without self-confidence is useless.” Giacomo Casanova One of the biggest things that holds people back is lack of self confidence. It can be the difference between becoming the person we were meant to be and hiding from our responsibility to the world.

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trust your intuition

How To Trust Your Intuition When Making Tough Decisions

Tapping Into Your Intuition Ever felt the pangs of something deep inside telling you what you must do when you have to make a tough decision? A gut instinct that you can’t quite understand but follow anyway? This is called intuition. The way to tap into your intuition is to listen to the authentic self that goes

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Living the authentic life

How To Live An Authentic Christian Life

Living An Authentic Christian Life How do you go about living the authentic Christian life in such a way that you are actually living your life according to God’s word? For most of us, it takes some doing since we are also prone to the whims of society. It’s a fine line we must walk through

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