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7 Ingenious Ways To Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Be Successful


Getting Past Your Comfort Zone

comfort zone

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” – Brian Tracy

What is your comfort zone? Have you ever had problems getting past them? We all have that place where boundaries keep us emotionally secure and don’t let us push pass our the limits to taste the sweetness of success. It may be a scary place for many but you need to get mentally tough and find ways you can expand your comfort zone and break through your barriers.

The hardest part is taking that very first step. Who knows what you’ve been missing all these years sitting behind your wall of security. Barbara Carleton says, “The idea is to place yourself in new arenas where you control the interaction.” 

So, how do you get there? What distinguishes successful people from the unsuccessful?

Comfort zones limit your potential and squash your creativity. It keeps you in a predictable place and that’s not where you want to be. Fear is what keeps most of us from blasting through but if you spend quality time taking risks in measured amounts the results will be successful more often than not.

Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of understanding and and a few minor adjustments of the situation to break free from your routine life and make a big difference in your life. Smart risk taking can harness the creativity hidden in your comfort zone and broaden your horizons.

Your productivity and performance skills can reach their peak but until you step outside your comfort zone you’ll end up spinning your wheels. This is something that can cause excessive stress, anxiety about your situation, stagnation as well as excuses for your failures in life.

“Be raw, be you and be ready to risk it all when it comes to pursuing your dreams.”  states Valeria Hinojosa. The real you is waiting to get out. Let it fly and if you fail, there’s always tomorrow. Don’t let failure be an option to quit before you even start

Things To Do To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Here are 7 Ways To Break Out Of Your Comfort Zone

1- Create A New Challenge – Challenges give us a chance to work for goal whether attainable or not. Those who push themselves become stronger and find new ways to discover their true potential. When you challenge yourself amazing results can happen!

2- Learn To Detach And Accept – Let go of your expectations and accept what happens. You never know what you are capable of unto you force yourself to take risks.

3- Play A Game With Your Fears – When you look at your fears as a just a game, it makes it far easier to face the unknown. Calling up courage from within is less painful than jumping in without a net.

4- Be Clear On What You Are Trying To Overcome – When you understand what you must overcome, the fears don’t seem so bad but beware, if you aren’t prepared for what is about to happen, things can go bad very quickly.

5- Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously – The more you can laugh at yourself the easier it is to diffuse any situation. This does not take away from its seriousness but it allows you to steer clear of  anxiety and stress that builds up when taking risks. There will be failures along the way and most of the lessons we learn in life come from taking risks and living outside of your comfort zone.

6- Reinterpret Your Fears – If you want to overcome your fear of trying new things, change the way you look at them and start seeing those feelings of fear as an opportunity to better yourself. When you view things from a positive point of view, the risk doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

7- Learn To Take Your Curiosity To The Next Level – Only by being curious can we discover how far we can truly go in life. Instead of doing the same old things everyday, go out of your way to see things from a different angle. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find. In fact, you may laugh when you realize your fears were all in your head.

Things To Avoid While Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone 

It may seem scary to step out of your comfort zone but it it far scarier to remain where you are. Sometimes, you just have to change things up in life. Excuses are what keep most of us from trying new things out of fear of what others may think. Excuses are built-in failures that we lean on when we can’t face failure in the eye.

Even worse, if we live by our own self-imposed standards, we will fail before we even start. The illusion of perfection must be broken and acceptance should take its place.

Don’t try to take on too much risk for the sake of change. Increased stress and anxiety can lead to bad decisions and gambles you are not prepared to pay back. Small steps lead to bigger things and the courage to attempt them.

Don’t underestimate your natural instincts. When that little voice inside your head says no and won’t stop, learn to step back and assess the situation. Taking risks to just take a risk is dangerous and the odds are stacked against you.

Moving Beyond Your Comfort Zone – The Next Phase

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Neale Donald Walsch

Once you’ve overcome your basic fears and learn to live beyond your comfort zone, the worst thing you can do is stay stagnant. There are always going to fears that need to be faced but taking the first step into a brand new space can be invigorating.

Looking back on our lives, we should have no regrets but a majority of people leave their song playing inside their hearts and never give themselves the chance to let others appreciate their gifts. Life doesn’t move from point A to point B. Instead it is a lifetime of small steps that lead to one big leap.

Knowing when to take risks and when to pull back is a sign of maturity but failure is also a great teacher. The fear of failure is just that… fear but the smell of success is what spurs us on to bigger and better things.

Psychiatrist, Abigail Brenner M.D. states “Your “real life” is out there waiting for you. Your real life exists beyond the bubble of your own personal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Your real life is the sum total of ALL of your experiences, not just the one’s you’re comfortable with.”

So, what’s it going to be? The safety of your warm and cozy comfort zone or stepping out of your shoes and really living? Only you can make that decision but my hope is that you see the other side of life once in awhile.

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