The Best Ways To Live Happier And Healthier In 2019


Living Happier In The New Year

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

Let’s face it, 2018 didn’t work out so well for many of us but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to use last year as a learning process to make 2019 your best year yet. You deserve to live a happier and healthier life no matter what your circumstances are as of this moment.

Those resolutions you made last January are long gone so let’s put the past behind us and begin by taking stock of what we can do now to make 2019 a very special year.

Do you want to live a happier and healthier 2019 without feeling like you’re going through the same old motions?

What was it about 2018 that gave you the most trouble?

Did you have money issues? Health issues? Relationship problems?

All of us can use a little more help in these areas and hopefully, you can open both your heart and mind to allow some worthwhile strategies to get the most out of your time, money and relationships.

Let me ask you this. How did 2018 turn out for you?

For me, health and money problems topped the list. Having been a survivor of 2 near-fatal car accidents, I know the value of being healthy. Two major back operations topped my list of the most painful moments of 2018 but I am working towards getting back into better health.

As far as my finances go, my health took it’s toll on my financial situation as well. Because I was laid up for a good portion of 2018, I wasn’t able to write as many books as I wanted and my business suffered for it.

So, what am I doing to make 2019 my best year ever?

In order to help you with your own problems, I’m going to show you some of the things I’m doing to improve my own 2019 and beyond. This way, we can work together to improve our lives on a daily basis.

Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before we begin.

  • Did you feel like you didn’t accomplish the things you wanted to accomplish?
  • Did you feel like it was a lost year in terms of happiness and fulfillment?
  • Did you have trouble dealing with problems as they came into your life?
  • Did you fight and/or resist change as it happened?
  • Did you complain about things without looking for real solutions that work?
  • Did you allow or block God from helping you learn from your trials and tribulations?

I hope you answered these questions as honestly as possible.


Because, we as  humans, have the tendency to sugarcoat things and not accept the obvious as well as make things out to be worse than they really are.

This is what stops us from getting the most out of our talents and living happy and healthy lives. We don’t look at the true nature of things and search for ways to get better.

2019 might have sucked but so what? It’s time to change your mindset and get on the pathway to an abundant life.

You can use my real world experience to solve your real world problems.

So, where do we start first?

Boosting Your Mindset In 2019

If you want to boost your overall health and live a life you can be proud of in 2019 you are going to have to make some kind of small but significant changes that can maximize your health, wealth, and happiness.

As we alluded to earlier, your mindset needs a reset.

How you look at and feel about certain things makes all the difference in the world. It’s not about how others see you but how you see yourself. The more you allow negativity to seep into your thoughts and actions the easier it will be to fail.

Negative thoughts lead to negative actions and once that happens it become self-propelling like a snowball down the side of a mountain.
What can you change about your mindset?

Here are 5 things you must do to change how you think and what patterns your thoughts take.

  1. Take Note Of What You Are Thinking At Any Given Time – Your thoughts matter and if you give them weight they can either knock you down or build you up. Stop with all the anxiety of any given situation and start thinking of positive outcomes. The more you put out positive thoughts the more they will change your circumstances. Don’t let your thoughts rule you. You must take charge, be strong and be the owner of what you think and feel.
  2. Don’t Be Manipulated By Your Feelings – How many times in the past have you let your emotions rule how you act? Probably too many to name but if you can control your emotions, you can control your thoughts. You don’t have to submerge your emotions like Spock from Star Trek but you do need to put a lid on them when they start to boil over.
  3. Put Your Thoughts Into Positive Action – Thoughts are great to have but if you are not taking the next logical step and putting them into concrete action then they are just taking up space in your mind’s hard drive. When a good thought arises, take out a notebook (you are carrying one with you wherever you go aren’t you?) and make a plan to put that thought into action. What do you have to do to make that thought a reality? Whose help do you need to you make it a reality? What steps can you take that will bring success to the forefront?  These are important questions you need to ask yourself so that you have all the information necessary to make a wise decision.
  4. Learn How To Be Logical In Your Thought Process – Logic plays a key part in how we act and feel. Without logic, we’d all pretty much go crazy. The idea is to think in logical steps. Learn how to outline your thoughts so they make sense and are easy to articulate. If you can’t explain what you want then draw them out. Anything to make your voice heard. When you know how to follow through on your thoughts life is much easier to handle.
  5. Learn Which Thoughts To Believe And Which Thoughts To Shut Out – Your mind is like a magnet. Every thought seems to get stuck in one place where they rattle around causing you stress. Soon, your mind is overloaded and you can’t think straight. Find a nice, quiet place where you can delete the thoughts you don’t need and rearrange the thoughts you want to keep into separate folders. I know the computer imagery may sound overwhelming you but if you learn which thoughts are important and which thoughts aren’t then you can concentrate your powers on those that lift you up and make you happy.

Now that we have your mindset problems taken care of, you can now put all your energies into making 2019 a year to remember.

A Healthier And Happier New You

If you want to be healthier and happier in 2019, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving your goals except one thing… you.

You can have it all but you need to believe in it. Take the appropriate action and keep working at it.

Below are my 7 lists of things you need to work on to be the best you in 2019. Use them to improve your physical. mental and emotional wellbeing.

  1. A Healthy Mind Is Nothing Without A Healthy Body – Start working out your body like you would your mind. Practice builds muscle tone and helps alleviate stress and who doesn’t want to be less stressful? Strive to eat a balanced diet that gives you the nutrition you need as well as the energy to live a healthy life. I know money plays a big part in what type of food we buy but be mindful of what you are putting in your body. The more food you eat that has artificial chemicals in them the harder your body must fight to stay healthy. If you can, learn what ingredients are in the foods you buy and try to eat more organically grown food. Because organic foods are healthier for you, you don’t need to eat as much to fill you up thus saving you money in the process. I know we can’t all totally eliminate junk food from our diets but if you strive to do it little by little it will make a big difference in your overall health.
  2. Learn How To Adjust Your Expectations So You Can Find Lasting Success – What are your expectations for your life? Contrary to popular belief, the majority of people have lower expectations of themselves than they should. Whether it comes from not believing in themselves, not wanting to do the work necessary to achieve greatness or feel it’s not worth it in the end. expectations can and should be met as part of healthy self-esteem. Lower expectations bring on lower self-esteem yet if we fail to achieve our life’s ambitions, it should not impact our love of self. In fact, it is usually in the pursuit of success that we find out who and what we are truly made of.
  3. Invest Both Time And Money In Taking Care Of Your Needs – Most people tend to spend more time taking care of others and less time on their own needs and end up tired and overwhelmed. It is not selfish to take care of yourself and it is not selfish to make sure your needs are met first. It is in balancing the two that we find happiness and fulfillment in life. How can you take care of your own needs? Take care of your own mental and emotional health by always trying to affirm the good things about yourself and working to improve what you lack. Take up meditation to improve your mind, schedule time for yourself, and probably the easiest way to take care of your needs is by laughing. Learn to laugh at yourself and just be silly. It can be just what the doctor ordered.
  4. Live With A Realistic Budget – Not accounting for emergencies, most people have no idea how to plan out a realistic budget that is both financially viable and feasible to implement. This is the reason why so many are living paycheck to paycheck. Most of the time it is not about how much you make but how much you keep. Can you live on less and still be happy in the age of economic uncertainty? This is a question you must alone decide. Do you really need that 60 inch tv or the top of the line iPhone? Once again, happiness is not derived from competing with others and what they have but being grateful for what you have.
  5. Create A Loving Heart In All Matters – Because finances, job and family take up most of our time and money, we forget what role love plays in all things. How we deal and feel about others is an important part of who we are. Unconditional love is a powerful vehicle for attaining happiness and health in your life. It can be so beautiful when we put it into practice. Things such as forgiveness, appreciation, friendship, unselfishness, and giving are all parts of a loving heart given to us by the example of Jesus on the cross. Life is not a race to see who can acquire the most. Instead, it’s about connecting with others and God in a more personal way. It’s about taking time to help others that are in need and it’s about acceptance of both ourselves and our situations. When you live by the example our Lord has given us, you can experience love in so many ways.
  6. Challenge Yourself To Get Better – It doesn’t matter what the challenge is. Your hope is to accept the challenge and try your best to better yourself and truly make a difference in your own life and the lives of others. It’s means pushing yourself harder than you ever done before and getting out of your comfort zone. It may also mean pain and disappointment but life has no guarantees. Only you can guarantee things if you work hard enough and not give up at the most critical time. Learn to embrace each new challenge put in front of you and don’t worry about failing. Failure is one of the ways we learn from and when you do, use the knowledge to better yourself for the next challenge that comes your way.
  7. Embrace Life’s Journey – In the Spring 2019 issue of SUCCESS magazine, they talk about finding success in life. They write, “Success is not so much a destination as a journey, and we are at our best when we are growing.” This is what life is really all about. It is a journey we are all on and sometimes we fall and sometimes we succeed but we have to make the attempt. The more you embrace life the more happiness, joy and abundant health you will receive but you have to go out and get it. Don’t expect it to come after you.
Bonus Tip For A Better 2019

life's a challenge

Like anything in life, you have to work at things to get better. One of the things many of us are suffering from is sleep deprivation. We’re all trying to get ahead in life and when we overwork ourselves, our health suffers.

Below is an infographic that shows the seven essential mental activities we need to incorporate into our lives so that we can function mentally at full capacity.

The Healthy Mind Platter - Visualised

From Visually.

Sleep is so important to feeling your best but for many who are sleep-deprived, it can be a long road to nowhere. Good sleep habits refresh the body and keep the spirits up. It is also one of the best ways to keep you sharp mentally and in the type of society we function in, it’s a must!

Here are 3 ways to get more sleep and help you tackle each day, rested and relaxed.

  • Keep in sync with your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle – This cycle, better known as your circadian rhythm, is the best way to setup a your sleep pattern for a restful night sleep. This means going to bed at the same time every night. No matter how tired you are, you will be able to get to sleep without having to take medication or count sheep.
  • Control your exposure to light – Melatonin is a natural hormone the brain secretes when it is dark. When you allow your body to do its job the proper way, you won’t have any problems sleeping.
  • Clear your head before you attempt to go to sleep – Never try to go to sleep with problems on your mind. Try to keep anxiety and chronic worrying to a minimum before you lay down. Since you can’t solve all your problems right then and there, be wise and let your subconscious take care of it. More often than not, the answer will come to you after sleeping on it.

I hope these tips and important information will help inspire you to make the supreme effort to improve both your 2019 and beyond and give you the impetus to embrace life. Without happiness and health, what do we have to look forward to?

happier and healthier
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