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How To Live An Authentic Christian Life

Living An Authentic Christian Life

Living the authentic life

How do you go about living the authentic Christian life in such a way that you are actually living your life according to God’s word? For most of us, it takes some doing since we are also prone to the whims of society. It’s a fine line we must walk through with many challenges along the way. Our hearts and minds must be one with God’s word and our actions must spring from a humility deeply rooted in service to others.

Is this something you can do and do without complaining?

It’s something all Christians must do battle with especially in a world that does not agree with the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Personal Development Power – How To Increase Your Personal Power

What Is Your Personal Development Power?

personal development power

Let me ask you 3 important questions about yourself. Answer them honestly as they will be the basis for this entire post.

  1. Are you happy right now where you are in life?
  2. What are you doing to get to where you want to go?
  3. What’s stopping you from achieving success?

If you answered no to the first question then there is a good probability that the next two will be negative in nature and be filled with excuses. Now before you get angry with me, understand that I want to point you in the right direction and help you improve your personal development power.

What are you doing to improve yourself?

Are you making strides in your personal development?

Do you consider yourself successful?

These questions help you understand where your mindset is and what you need to do to get to where you want in life.

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Reinventing Yourself For Enduring Success

The Art Of Reinventing Yourself


Reinventing yourself… it’s something most of us are afraid to do since we are so entrenched in our own shoes but stop thinking about where you are supposed to be in life and start acting on being the authentic you.

Want to experience real happiness? Real love? Real success?

It’s all about letting the real you shine through despite the complexities of life. It means embracing your imperfections and implementing your special gifts so that you can make a big difference in the world. You were born for big things but if you hide the real you then it will cause you pain and unhappiness.

None of us like to hide behind a facade but when trying to cope with societal demands we often take on the persona of someone else in order to deal with the failures, losses and even the let-downs of everyday life.

You must transform your self-image from that of accepting what life gives you to pursuing the self that God has envisioned for you before you were born. The reason why you haven’t begun this transformation comes from your ego. You want to be liked by others and morph into this fake persona when your ego is challenged.

You must satisfy that part of your ego that wants to be free. The part that is the real you. Only then can the authentic you come out.

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How To Improve Your Self Esteem

How To Improve Your Self Esteem

big bowl of self esteem

Do you sometimes have rough days that leave you scratching your head and wondering when things are ever going to get better?

We’ve all had tough times that have challenged us to the the point of breaking us but you have the unique ability to make great things happen if you only believe in yourself.

Self esteem is not just about feeling good about yourself. No, in fact, it has nothing to do with feelings because over time, feelings change and you want to live your life on a much more solid foundation than the rocky ground that feelings offer.

If you want to gain confidence and self esteem, then it must come from deep inside you. That part of you which is your authentic self. Too often, I see people look to outside factors to validate who they really are and that’s wrong. You don’t need validation. You are special in your own right.

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Get Your Superpowers On!

How To Find Your Superpowers?

what is your superpower

What kind of unique superpower do you have? Each one of us has a power within us to change the world in some way, shape or form yet the vast majority of us never seem to access that power. We sit around the house and complain because others have more money, a better car or even a bigger house but do we actually go out and make it all happen for ourselves?

Not really. Most people are happy to complain and feel sorry for themselves and their situation but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can impact the world with your personal power.

Whatever happen to your hopes? Your goals? And your dreams? Did they fly by the wayside as the years slowly slipped away from you?

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