How Thinking Positive Leads To Positive Success

positive thinking

How Thinking Positive Leads To Positive Success

  1. “The more positive thoughts you have, the better you feel, which causes you to have more positive thoughts, then you feel even better.”
    James Borg

Your mind is a powerful tool and when used for good, it can create great success in your lifetime.  If you want to achieve your goals, remaining positive during the tough times is a must.  Those that can harness the power of positive thinking create the strategies to become a success in all areas of life.

Anyone who wants to be successful needs an edge and having the proper mindset gives you that confidence to become an overachiever.  Whether you are an athlete, student, business leader, teacher or just starting out in life, learning how to think positively is your secret weapon to get ahead.

Success is just a state of mind but you need help along the way.  There are three bible verses that show that God is there to help you to become the success you want to be.

  1. Philippians 4:13, “I can do everything through him that gives me strength.”
  2. Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
  3. Proverbs 16:3, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.”

God has given us a great mind to reason out and to make wise choices with our lives.  What you think about you become.  Those that wallow in negativity will forever be stuck in the cement of their negative thought patterns but to those that remain positive no matter the situation, they are the people who are tested by fire and become strong in their determination.

We have a loving God who wants the best for us but if we don’t believe in HIS love, we are lost.  We need to see the bigger picture in our lives and remaining positive during times of trouble is when faith takes over.

“Always Focus On Thinking Positive

positive thoughts

“A major factor in determining how our lives turn out is the way we choose to think. Everything that goes on inside the human mind in the form of thoughts, ideas, and information forms our personal philosophy.”
Jim Rohn

Life can be tough at times and how we deal with it says a lot about how successful we ultimately become.  If we complain and see ourselves as the victim we will never amount to anything of substance. Our hearts and minds takes us where we want to go.  Start using positive words in your conversations with others and be the kind of person that lifts the spirits of those who are down.  Keeping everything positive brings good karma to every situation and allows you to see the good in the world.

Ever been around negative people?  They are such a bore and bring everyone down who they come in contact with.  Physically they can drain the energy right out of you.  Instead, be generous with your how you treat others.  Encourage and support others, whether it’s your work colleagues, friends or family and you create an atmosphere of love and positive vibrations. Successful people stay motivated because they make good use of their environment by changing other people’s state of mind.

Using creative visualise techniques is a great way set up a positive future.  No matter how hard your life is right now don’t waste time complaining about it. Instead, visualise a future that you want for yourself. See yourself with a better-paying job, a house with a loving family, and a life filled with love and security. What happens to you now doesn’t have to be a predictor of how your future will end up. Positive thinking will help you achieve your goal of that better future.

How To Make Thinking Positive Work For You

We all have unlimited potential. The key to unlocking this infinite potential is by using our minds to think in a positive manner instead of dwelling on negative feelings.  New research has revealed that positive thoughts actually create genuine value in your life and  help you build real world skills that impact your work, your overall health, and your attitudes.

When you focus on the negative aspect of life, your emotions prevent your brain from making wise choices about the things around you.  You get stuck in survival instinct and you close off the logical side of your brain.  But when you activate the positive emotions inside your brain which allow you to see the vast possibilities that life has to offer.  Joy contentment and love bring about powerful changes in attitude, emotions and confidence.

According to Barbara Fredrickson, a positive psychology researcher at the University of North Carolina, claims that the “Broaden and Build” theory of positive thinking  (You broaden your possibilities that opens your mind, which allows you to build new skills and that provide value in other parts of your life).

Why Happiness Brings Out The Power Of Positive Thinking

“No matter where you work or live or what occupation you engage in negative or undermining forces are constant. But, you have been armed with positive thinking that permeates each and very thorny bush within the garden of life.”
Catherine Pulsifer

Happiness plays a big role in success.  The happier we are the more positive we become.  They go together to build the skills we need for success.  Our  attitudes have an enormous effect on who we become.

Here are five ways we can make positive thinking work in our lives.

  1. Take responsibility for your actions –  When you take responsibility everything comes down to you.  Be responsible for you and you alone.  Whatever someone else does do not tie it to your happiness.  They are not responsible for your happiness and you are not responsible for their happiness.
  2. Stop blaming yourself –  Don’t play the blame game every time something goes wrong.  Whether you win or fail understand it’s all part of life and you learn from your mistakes.  Successful people use their mistakes as a stepping stone to greatness.  It is a great motivator.
  3. Focus on what you can do not on what you can’t – Don’t get caught up in what you can’t do.  Can’t is a word that should be removed from your vocabulary.  Instead, see the possibilities life has for you and do your best.
  4. Eliminate your ego –  Remember, it’s not all about you.  Ego is the great divider.  Instead, be the kind of person that helps others and brings a smile and a laugh to everyone.  When you eliminate the selfishness all you have left to give is love and care.
  5. Surround yourself with positive people – The more positive people you bring into your life the more you can achieve.  When everyone is acting is a loving and positive manner it makes it easy to strive for success.  Those with a positive outlook on life are happier and their success rubs off on you.

According to Darshan Goswami, M.S., P.E. from, he says, “Positive thinking can change your life. I f you want to live longer, be happy, healthy and successful, all you have to do is think positive.”

Positive thinking helps us cope with life, and is a skill all of us need to apply to every area of our lives.  If everyone was more positive, life would be much safer, we’d all be much happier and love would really be all we need .

Let me leave you with this quote: “Your life is your garden, your thoughts are the seeds.  If  your life isn’t awesome, you’ve been watering the weeds.”

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