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How To Live A Heart Centered Life

Living A Heart Centered Life

heart centered

Do you know who you are?  Do you know the real you?  How you live is all based on what is in your heart.  How you think, how you feel, how you deal with others all comes back to being a heart centered person.  If your beliefs do not align with your actions then you leave yourself open to causing yourself pain.  Life has a habit of leading you astray if you don’t follow what’s in your heart.

Your thoughts can take you anywhere you want to go but if they take you to the wrong place it’s up to your to make sure the real you comes through.   True abundance does not come if you are not a humble person.  Living a heart centered life gives you the peace of mind to follow through on your beliefs.

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Living With An Abundant Mindset

Your Abundant Mindset

pure abundance


The days of wishing and hoping for good fortune are long gone.  If you want to live abundantly, you must follow the path to abundance.  It doesn’t just come.  Instead, it is all based on what you want and taking action on it.

Ever listen to people complain about their situation?  They complain about having no money yet they spend it on things with no real value.  They complain about having no time for anything yet they sit around the house doing nothing of importance.  They complain about those with money and great jobs yet they take no steps to improve their life at all.

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How Living A Simple Life Creates Pure Abundance

What Does It Mean To Live A Simple Life?

how to live a simple life

Living simple is a concept that has become foreign to many people.  The idea that living without things can create abundance seems to be defeat the purpose of what we are all taught when we were young. such as work hard, get a great job, a big house and retire with a large bank account.

According to one of the 19th century’s greatest Yogi’s, Sri Yukteswar, a simple life consists of the following:

  1. A life of self respect
  2. Calmness
  3. Determination
  4. A simple diet
  5. Regular exercise

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Dealing With Anxiety And Stress Management

Anxiety And Stress Management

anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stress has the ability to greatly impact our body’s normal functionality, especially if we don’t pay attention to the warning signs.  Despite the fact that we deny the sensations we are feeling in our bodies, we can certainly see that our mental and physical state is not functioning at its normal capacity.  It is very important for a person to learn how to look for the warning signs that stress and anxiety is already taking control of your system and you need to understand how to take care of your body to prevent a total breakdown.

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Spirulina Is Nature’s Perfect Health Food

Spirulina: Nature’s Most Perfect Food


If you are looking for one of nature’s most perfect foods then look no further than spirulina.  It holds a wide variety of hidden health benefits and offers a multitude of  vitamins and minerals that are good for both a healthy body as well as a healthy mind.  Spirulina has been around since the beginning of of life  and is considered one of Earth’s most nutrient-dense foods

Spirulina  has been expertly crafted by mother nature to provide all the necessary nutrients the body needs.  Because of this, spirulina has cultivated across the globe and is  widely used as a dietary supplement.  It can be found in many forms such as tablets, powders, and even flake form.   Everyday, people are looking for healthy alternatives to the high fat and high caloric foods found on most supermarket shelves.  With an unheard of 55 to 70% protein content, it supersedes even beef, chicken or soybeans.

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How To Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts In Your Head

Negative Thoughts Bring Negative Results


Most of us at one time or another have the fought the battle between positive and negative thoughts in our head.  For some, these voices are so subtle and deceptive that we think they are there to protect us  and keep us away from harm but in reality they have much to much influence on how we deal with life.

We have been told to always remain positive and that negativity begets negative results but it goes much deeper than that.  For some of us, negative thoughts can impact our beliefs, our own self worth and at their worst can be so destructive that we fall into deep depression.

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How To Change Your Life Starting Right This Second

How To Change Your Life Right This Second

change your life

You are today what you have thought about in the past.  If you are not happy with what you are today, you can change that starting right now.

You have created “you” based on your past thinking.  You can create a new you in the future starting now on what you think starting right now.

Here is the 7-Point program to start you on your new you:

1) Recognize when you get negative – How do you recognize when you get negative?  You get this feeling of uncomfortableness.  When you are uncomfortable then you know you are getting negative. At that point recognize it, discover its source and dissipate the negativity until you feel comfortable once again, then you know you have dissipated the negativity.

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What Is The Key To Happiness?

Happiness Is The Key To Life

key to life is happiness

Everybody has a different path to finding happiness in life but each one of us goes about it in their own unique way.   Becoming happy is a choice we all make and if we choose to be happy and believe in happiness, our mind will create an image which leads to a greater self awareness.

Those that express love to others are much happier in their quest to find happiness.   Research has found that health and living with a purpose are very high on the list of things that make us happy.  When you actively try to enjoy life instead of waiting for it to come, that purpose becomes a key element in becoming a happy person.

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How To Develop Your Creative Imagination

Humans And Developing Your Creative Imagination

creative imagination

Humans are unique to this world.  Everything we have achieved is a direct result of developing our creative imagination.   Our senses have become so powerful that we have become much more aware of what is going on in our world.   We have the ability to visualize ideas in our mind and then bring them into existence where as animals are limited to just their instincts.

Imagination is a big part of how the human mind operates.  It sees the possibilities in everything.  It sees the world in a brand new way and then puts them into action.  How we develop our creative intelligence can change how we see our own world.

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