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How A Healthy Mind Creates A Healthy Body

Why Does A Healthy Mind Create a Healthy Body?

healthy body healthy mind

The mind and body are inter-connected in a way that influences everything we do.  Our thoughts and views of life affect our bodies on a daily basis. A healthy mind creates a healthy body because the relationship our mind has with our body is a complex one but one that has the potential to heal our physical maladies. The two need to work in unison to bring about optimal health.  Our thoughts and the choices we make can bring about abundant health if we establish a keen dialogue between what we think and what we eat.

How you eat, not just what you eat, dictates how you live. You can eat the healthiest, freshest and most organic food possible but if you are having toxic thoughts or you are involved in stressful situations then there is going to be imbalance between your physical and mental well-being.

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Why Happiness Is A Choice You Make

Happiness Is A Choice You Make

happiness is a choice you make

If you feel you are lacking in the happiness department my friend, that is a choice you have decided to make.  You have full and complete control over your life and the decisions you make so don’t let anyone tell you different.  Whatever you do in life choosing to be happy is a choice you make and you make alone. You may feel like the fun has gone out of your life but there are many   factors which people measure their own happiness.  Some people think money is the ultimate happiness but they soon realize money doesn’t bring happiness only misery if all you do is work all the time to pay for your pleasures.

You might look at others who are blessed with so much but beware, you don’t know their situation. They may be in serious debt even though it looks like they have  everything.  Don’t strive to be like them. Instead, carve out your own happiness niche in this world by following your passions and your ideals. Being a slave to wealth, possessions, status, or even an exalted position you hold at work. don’t create happiness.  Happiness is a choice that comes from deep inside.

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How To Set Goals To Achieve Personal Success

Why Set Goals Anyway?

goal setting

Everyone loves to set goals but most of us have trouble realizing our intended goals.  One of the basic ideas with goals is to motivate us to take action that inspires achievement.  If the outcome doesn’t interest you then the motivation will not be there.

What are your basic priorities in life?  Your goals should mirror those priorities and your commitment should maximize your success. When you set personal goals, it gives you a clear long-term vision of where you want to go in life.  Reaching those goals then gives you more self-confidence to conquer bigger and loftier aspirations.

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How To Focus On Positive Thinking

Reducing Stress With Positive Thinking


Positive thinking can have an amazing and powerful effect on our lives but when we are stressed out we tend to forget all the positive thoughts we’ve had before and succumb to the rigors of our stressful lives.  Society as a whole has put stress in the forefront in the hectic and fast-paced life we all lead.

Negativity creeps up when we are stressed and those good thoughts that kept us sane before are nowhere to be found.  People with a positive mindset see things in a different light as opposed to those who constantly struggle with life because of a poor mental attitude.

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Unconditional Love – Are You Giving More Love Than You Receive?

Unconditional Love – Are You Giving More Than You Receive?

unconditional love

What is unconditional love?  And how do I employ it in my life?

Many of us worry way too much about getting love and not enough about giving love in return.  We search and search for the answers to our own problems yet we fail to see the problems of others.  Love is not a one-way street.  It takes two to tangle as they say but it is so true.  It’s the greatest power in the universe yet we fail miserably every day at living without it.

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Is Indoor Vertical Farming The Next Big Thing?

Vertical Farming Goes High Tech

indoor vertical farming

There’s a revolution going on in world of healthy eating and it has changed the role of the traditional farmer. Instead of the dirty and unhealthy way of the multinational factory farms, entrepreneurs have taken to using high technology to grow our food. The future now belongs to indoor vertical farms.

indoor vertical agriculture has sprouted up all over the world. Using the latest high tech growing systems, would-be start-up farmers have started buying up large industrial warehouses and have converted them into huge hydroponic farms growing nutrient dense vegetables that are not subject to the forces of nature such as rain, soil erosion, and drought.

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Reprogramming Your Mind For Positive Success


Reprogramming Your Mind For Positive Success

reprogram the mind

In life, success is all built on our mindset. How we think usually determines how far we go in life. Do you feel like you are stopping yourself from becoming the successful person you’ve always wanted to be? When it comes time to setting realistic goals, you need a road map to follow to bring you the positive success you long for.

If you don’t reprogram your mind for positive success your thoughts may end up sabotaging your momentum? Are you up to the task and ready to make the commitment or do you feel simply you aren’t qualified to carry it all the way through? The key to finding your way in life lies in how you set up your thought patterns.

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