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10 Questions I Wish People Would Ask Me (And My Answers)

1- What were your goals and intentions in this book, and how well do you feel you achieved them?
I wanted people to understand they are not alone in this world and there are individuals that truly care about them. There is far too much violence and hatred in the world and it’s not good enough to just talk about it. We need to take action on our words and make things happen. Faith is nothing without action and knowledge takes you nowhere unless you use it for good. I wanted to raise the consciousness of the world by bringing God’s word to the masses in such a way that brings us all together no matter what faith we have. It’s all about sharing and caring as humans, not what color we are where we come from. We’re all humans and unconditional love is what binds us together.

2- What makes your book stand out from the crowd?
Too often, authors write at their audience instead of for them and with them. I have included both a Questions To Ponder and Action Step sections after each chapter as a way to get my readers fully involved. To make your words come alive, you have to inspire and move them to take real action. It’s about leading others to make a difference. If you can’t do that then you’ve failed at standing out from all the followers.

3- How did you become involved with the subject or theme of your book?
I have always been a practicing Christian but after surviving not one but two near-fatal car accidents in a six week period at the end of 2014, God decided he wanted to use me to make a difference in the lives of others.

Four herniated and crushed discs in my back, two in my neck, and three successive surgeries later have resulted in physical pain that will last me for the rest of my life but it’s the emotional nightmare that I will never live down. These are the sad remnants of the two accidents but one nagging question kept going through my mind since the crash.

“If I had died, could I honestly say that I gave more love than I received?”

Sadly, the answer to this question took me several months to figure out (I guess I didn’t want to accept the awful truth) while I went through a grueling physical therapy. Though I only missed a few days of work during that time, I couldn’t get the idea of love out of my head.

Trying to figure out why my life was spared when others weren’t so lucky was something I couldn’t fathom at the time. I was alive yet most of me felt dead inside. I believe it was love that saved my life.

4- Where did your love of books/storytelling/reading/writing/etc. come from?

Life has a funny way of telling us what and where we should go and I was no different. Growing up in such a dysfunctional atmosphere help me define who I was and what was in my heart.

By immersing myself in books at age three, I was able to see a world unlike my own and I desperately wanted to visit those places. It was only by reading and writing could I make those dreams a reality.

5- How does your book relate to your spiritual practice or other life path?

God is the most important thing in my life and we are told in Matthew 22:37-40, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

This is the first and great commandment.

And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”

6- What was the hardest part of writing this book?

Opening myself to the past. Our past memories can be very cruel but if we don’t face those old demons we are forever bound to be haunted by them. 

Once I was able to deal with the past, it’s hold over me was lifted as was the pain. That’s the important thing here. Dealing with and overcoming the pain of the past.

7- Are there misconceptions that people have about your books? If so, explain…

My books are not just for Christians.  Even though I use the bible and talk about Christian values, these concepts can and do help anyone who is suffering and needs the unconditional love of someone who has been there.

We all need help in some area of our lives and just because i’m a Christian it doesn’t mean I can’t relate to non-christians. 

In fact, the opposite is true. Love overcomes all the differences we have and my aim is to show that.

8- What inspires your writing?

People in general. It’s all about love. The more I can bring out the love of God to those who need it the most, the more inspiration I can be when people need it the most! 

9- For those interested in exploring the subject or theme of your book, where should they start?

By picking the books up and concentrating on the concepts in everyday life. 

Reading is not going to solve their problems but taking those concepts and putting them into action.

Also. they need to find a good church and pastor that cares about them and make God the most important thing in their lives. Once they give themselves over to Jesus, they have an incredible allay on their side and that’s something we all need in these trying times.!

10- What hurdles did you have to overcome in order to write and publish your books?

Hurdles are put there to make us stronger. My hurdles were all self-imposed. I gave too much weight and strength to my past problems and couldn’t see past them.

Once I was able to let God into my life full time, He showed me the path to a better and more fulfilling life.

Those hurdles were meant to strengthen my character and test me and looking back on my past, I see how strong I really am.

This is a lesson we can all learn from as my problems are not unique… what is unique is that I didn’t let it destroy me and took action to change both my heart and my circumstances.

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